A good reminder that this genre, once thought to be dead, still has some life left in it.

Yooka-Laylee: Our Thoughts After Playing the First Two Hours

Extended Look at Yooka-Laylee’s Opening Level:

Yooka-Laylee Multiplayer Let’s Play: Kartos Karting

First Yooka-Laylee Multiplayer Let’s Play: Glaciators

Yooka-Laylee: 13 Minutes of New World Capital Cashino

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27 thoughts on “Yooka-Laylee Review

  1. I thought this video would be complaints on how this game plays like an old platformer. Luckily that's not the case. However, you can't just assume what people like. What if people liked the quiz show from Banjo?

  2. I don't why poeple are mad, 8n my opinion it's a 6, you want a better 3d platformer then play a hat in time

  3. He says that the game has camera issues. He does realize that those really old platformers this is based on had really bad camera issues as well, right? It sounds like he's playing this with nostalgia goggles on.

  4. No offence to whoever likes this game but i get more bored in 5 minutes watching my little sister play it than sitting aroung doing absolutely nothing all week. (No joke)

  5. dang. I always remembers the Quiz section from banjo, great! it gave you a small break from platforming, offered some change in game play and served as a reminded of all the places you've visited and characters you met along the journey.

  6. The controls are really touchy, and the camera action is wonky. I admit I am not the best gamer in the world, but just a little twitch is all it takes to fall off of something.

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