WOWEEEE! Look at these great guests AND great board games!

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Finn Woflhard ►
Jacksepticeye ►
Matt Watson ►

Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ►

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31 thoughts on “Yeti In My Spaghetti (ft. Finn Wolfhard & Jacksepticeye) – Ten Minute Power Hour

  1. Sometimes when i watch the show I feel bad for their cleaning lady
    I don't remember what her name was

  2. (collections of my favourite moments)
    séan: “oh, one hand on your noodle?”
    finn: “*SnRk*”

    finn: “some nudes?”
    also finn: “yooo, what that yeti do tho?”

    danny @ finn: “ya, you gotta bunch of noods out there,”
    finn internally: “👁👄👁”

    finn: “this is, umm,”
    danny: “penis,”
    finn: “penis..”

  3. Ima make a game called “my girlfriend getting ready” it’s a game that must be played with more hen 2 people, whoever waits the longest for the girlfriend to get ready wins… problem: she never gets ready, she takes too long that she doesn’t come out

  4. Finn punching the dinosaurs off was incredible and I watched it like 10 times it's like frames are clipped

  5. I’d love to see these 4 play dnd together, Matt Mercer could DM it. It would be the ultimate one shot.

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