WWE Smackdown vs Raw (2005) Season Mode Ep 1 | HEATED RIVALRY


Starting off on a new game: Smackdown vs Raw 2005! We pick Edge & head straight into the Season Mode which lands us on WWE Raw in the middle of an Intercontinental Championship tournament.

Welcome to WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2005 Season Mode! Follow along as Edge tries to become the best Raw superstar in the WWE against people like Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, Mr McMahon, & more. We will take Edge through an entire year in the WWE on WWE Smackdown vs Raw, specifically the WWE Raw brand.

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  1. I know this is an old series but it's amazing watching this video and what's going on currently. With Randy Orton taking out the returning Edge and Matt Hardy coming out to defend him after all they went through especially that War back in 05. And then Randy Orton absolutely decimating Matt Hardy which I was cheering so loudly Randy Orton is the best. And this version of Randy Orton cannot be beat.


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