Where To Learn More About Game Animation


Learn more about game animation with some of our favorite online resources! Dan recommends a few websites, channels, and experts so you can study up on game animation on your own!
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(Originally aired in May 2017)

Written and produced by Daniel Floyd


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GDC Vault:

GDC’s YouTube Channel:

Animation Exchange (AnimX):


Animator’s Resource Kit:

Gwen Frey’s YouTube Channel:

Kristjan Zadziuk’s YouTube Channel:

David Gibson’s Vimeo Channel:

Line (David Gibson’s indie game project):

Jason Shum’s Vimeo Channel:

Jason Shum’s Online Course:

Jason Shum’s #AnimBreak monthly challenge:

Kinuko’s tumblr:

Lab Zero’s Twitch Channel (where Kinuko occasionally streams):

Jonathan Cooper’s Game Anim blog:

Jonathan Cooper’s Twitter:


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♪ Hang in There” by YoshiBlade

♪ “High Tide” by FoxyPanda

♪ “It’s-a-Me” by Funk Fiction

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  1. Ive wanted to be an animator for awhile now. Ive just gotten some programs to finally dip my toe into it! Im definitely going to check some of these resources out!

  2. Indivisible is basically everything I want my game to look like. Heck, they even share one gameplay core, being a Metroid Vania… Gosh I wish games like Indivisible or Hollow Knight wouldn't set the bar that god dang high. I could be coding Levels right now but nu uh… First yer GOTTA MAKE THE ART STYLE!…

  3. I don't use any of the "pro" tools, I'm just an amateur guy using a cheaper alternative to put my ideas on screen. And those usually consist of criminals being taken hostage and hurt, very badly.

  4. I just heard about this channel and i'm loving it! Lots of great content, I can't wait for more videos 🙂
    If I may, a review of Last Guardian's animation would be awesome! I love how both Trico's and the boy's animations are beautifully implemented in the game 😀

  5. I know it's not strictly games related, but I think I'd enjoy hearing, if you have any, your opinions on some of Monty Oum's work (RWBY, his older Dead Fantasy videos).
    I'm no animator nut, but from the day I found his work, I considered him, particularly his fight scene choreography and animation, to be sublime.
    And I will forever wonder what the world of animation may have lost with his untimely death.

  6. Thank you for this amazing inspiring links! I also manae a website about game animation, if you want to check it out! 🙂 https://onionskin.jimdo.com/

  7. Also if you're interested in pixel art and pixel art animation, Pedro meideros (the guy behind towerfall: ascension and Celeste) uploads tutorials on a regular basis to his patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/saint11/overview?

  8. I just wanted to ask if you could cover Horizon Zero Dawn’s Machine animations. Those are some of the best animal behavior models I have ever seen in a video game. Comparing them to other wildlife animations would be good to, as I feel most video game wildlife acts so robotic. While the Machines act the least robotic and feel more alive.

  9. It sounds like you're going to finalize the videos before regular releases resume here. Does that mean there won't be room for feedback to be reflected at any point during these videos when they do finally release?

    I feel some people may have questions that might warrant a full video you may not have initially planned.


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