Whats inside a Mexican Jumping Bean?


It moves, it shakes, it’s alive! Is there really something inside of a Mexican jumping bean?! We’re giving away 100 BEANS! Enter to WIN HERE:

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Filmed in 4k on this camera:

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  1. You’re one tick away from serial killer dude – cutting open any living organism is cruel! That larva was supposed to metamorphosize into a new creature in there. What kind of example are you setting for your child?

  2. I had mexican jumping beans when I was 10. I walked into my room one day and saw what looked like flies in the room. It freaked my friend and me so much we ran downstairs. Came back upstairs and they were gone. I did not know they were butterflies. Either way it was not a pleasant experience.

  3. Hey uh mexicans don't actually celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Most view it as an insulting american holiday

  4. I actually remember reading an article saying that Jumping beans had bugs, I didn’t know they’d be larvae, nor do I know how they survive.

  5. its a caterpillar that turns to a moth, soak it in water sometimes to keep them hidrated, and they will transform!!:)

  6. I was playing GTA SA and one mission you and ceaser are on the motorbike and have to catch the truck. The point is you need to make ceaser get close to the truck so ceaser can jump on to the truck. And if you are not close enough ceaser says "CJ you think imma mexican jumping bean??"

  7. Am I the only one that wanted to buy the beans crack them and raise the baby larva till they grow into a moth and set them free 😍

  8. Dude they’re called Mexican jumping beans so there are Mexicans inside obviously jokes aside, this was a great video!


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