What is "Rotoscoping"?


Watch my OWN rotoscoped Animation on the homepage of our subject of study:

In this video I’ll explain what “Rotoscoping” means and how I come to know it, and what I have rotoscoped myself.
I look at rotoscoping through my own homework, “Thought of you”, “Aku no Hana” and especially the recently released “Kizumonogatari” movie.

-“Thought of You”:
-“Aku no Hana” Trailer:
-“Kizumonogatari”: DVD (Amazon link: )

Thanks for watching, I hope this video was entertaining and useful in some way…

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  1. I'm here to learn photo realism. My dad was a tattoo artist for quite some time so I really want the cgi affects.

  2. This is how I produce 60% of my Animations with this process, either through photo references or my own Sketches.

  3. Most of the people came here because of Chika dance
    But I cam here because of watching Ghostemane – Mercury video lol

  4. Was wondering how tf did Mechner do animations in 1989 for Prince of Persia game. Turns out he rotoscoped them from live footage.

  5. Yeah, that Chika video brought me here.
    And yeah, Kizumonogatari is a gorgeous anime. I am, however, extremely biased because I love the whole series.

  6. I’m a bug fan of when rotoscoping is used for a somewhat comedic, intentionally bad kinda way.

    Some that come to mind are the constantly reused “action” bits of Apollo Gauntlet (I think it’s meant to homage and make fun of he-man’s reused “action” bits) and especially Dudes of Hazmat which I will link here:

  7. I see Kizu and I click. Also, I love the roto visuals in it. It's so different from the rest of Monogatari.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I'm into creating and editing video shorts, and this caught my eye.
    My first time to see this.


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