Unlock Bootloader and Root Sony Xperia XZ Docomo SO-01J


Uploaded October 7, 2019

Made this video to help Sony Xperia XZ Docomo SO-01J version users that are having difficulties rooting their phones.

Get your unlock bootloader Code:

Android SDK platform-tools:

fastboot commands:

fastboot oem unlock 0xYourUnlockCode
fastboot flash recovery nameOfRecovery.img
fastboot flash boot nameOfBoot.img

***41.3.B.2.2 patched***

***41.3.B.1.140 patched***

XDA Thread:

Nguồn: https://partnersinsublime.com/

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  1. Updated the link of the patched boot images. or You may go to XDA link on the description section for the full tutorial and stuff.

  2. On my windows 10 x64 When i presss vol up then plug usb cable it still boot fastboot with blue light led but windows shell commnad not work! it said waitng for any device! i checked device manager and saw S1Boot Fastboot driver problem => https://i.postimg.cc/BQwcTXgp/2020-05-18-110955.png how can i fix?

  3. I couldn't understand anything you said, also it didn't really helped actually, just made it worse than before.

  4. Brother How are you ?
    G8441 SONY XZ1 COMPACT root Make next video i want to root my Device thanks take care

  5. It said: " FAILED (remote command not allowed" when i enter the fastboot oem unlock 0xMycode
    Please help, sir

  6. The Japanese version of Xperia basically says Bootloader unlock allowed is no. How do I say yes? I use SO-04J.
    The SIM lock has already been released.

  7. I bought my SO-01J from a Japanese second-hand store,the sim lock was unlocked by the origin owener via the docomo official site,and I can use my local carrier's sim card in another country.But my bootloader status still says NO,I can't unlock bootloader now.Will the paid service Qunlock work on my phone?And will the remote operater return the money back to me if unlock bootloader failed?Sorry for my english.

  8. How about my Docomo SO-01J SIM Unlock but UBL : NO. If u said my Xperia didnt SIM Unlock, why i can used Local SIM Card?
    I believe if my Xperia already SIM Unlocking.

  9. hi bro . when i try to unlock my phone in cmd like your steps then it show me "FAILED (Remote: Incorrect format for unlock data. Should be on the form "Ox)" . What should i do now… ? i try again and again but it still same problem…

  10. Hi Man, to tried to follow a video how yours, my phone now doesn't work, can you help me to restore the kernel? I'm sure that you know in a shortly time how can i do, can you help me

  11. I have a Sony z5 phone from Au and locked my bootloader, I want to unlock it and root please ask if I can apply this way, sorry because my english is not good


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