Total Body Exercise Ball Workout Video – Express 10 Minute Physioball Workout Routine


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  1. I’m reading comments regarding losing balance on ball. No disrespect intended… the reason you can’t get control is because you don’t have the equilibrium it takes right now plus it takes stomach muscles to do this with control. I at first lost balance too. I’m 62 have been working out for years but before the COVID-19 I never used my ball. I love my ball now! Ladies don’t give up keep trying, you will get there I promise. The instructions are really good this is a good clip. By the way my pic is very recent. Exercise is key

  2. Ive done several beginning abdominal with the psysioball this is the best! Difficult challenging but worth it!

  3. This is the only time I've ever seen it recommended that a push up be performed with the elbows flared out (physioball push up/second exercise in). I'm curious for the reasoning behind this as the general consensus us that, that particular elbow position is not only less effective than when angled, it also leads to many shoulder and wrist injuries.

  4. I have been working out regularly for 6 years. Lots of HIIT yoga and workouts. OMG! I can barely walk today after doing this yesterday. I play my workouts on my TV. So, I kept the remote with me so that I could pause after each exercise and do a second round of each. I am sore from head to toe. I'll be doing this at least twice a week for a while. My only suggestion would be to go a bit slower between exercises so that we can set ourselves up. But, as I said, if you can play Youtube on your TV, just keep your remote close by so you can pause to set yourself up. Excellent workout!

    edit* okay after reading the comments i dont feel so bad.. hehehe!!

  6. I’m 66, in great shape, and I repeated this workout 3 times, and I’m seriously sweating! Thanks for the burn. And the ball didn’t move all over the place either!

  7. I realize now to begin was a mistake considering I’m really weak and unfit. I can’t get into the starting position on some of them lol
    No I’m stuck on the ball, help

  8. I like this video using ball is helping me a lot. I try to do it again. I think it is so useful Thank you. but it is deficult for the first time

  9. Fitness blenders gonna have me sweatin like a MFkin Cheetah….#Yass thats what I need where u been fitnees blenders all my lyfe😝😓🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️

  10. I've been doing this everyday for the whole summer and I've seen results .My abs are already showing and I can rock a bikini.I feel more energetic and healthier than EVER! PLEASE do this exercise and YOU WILL see results.

  11. notesbased on the video … higher right shoulder, pelvis deviated to a side, she was also keeping the heels of the ground….. oups …

  12. I would like more videos with the exercise ball because I bought one but don’t really know how to use it. All the exercises in this video were good except the wall exercise which was difficult to balance.

  13. hiya, is this workout part of the Pilates or yoga family? as is so gentle on the body, i love mostly, the Pilates and yoga ones, for loosing weight, as i cant do hard workouts…. due to my operation i had 4 years ago, i sometimes get lower back pain or abdominal pain on my right hand side, because my tube was removed on that side.i go gym sometimes but i get pain … but i need to loose 2 stone asap can recomend your best workout for me also, thank you keep the good work me and my daughter love your works xoxo


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