Top 25 Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Games


The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis was Sega’s most successful console and features some amazing games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage any many more. Why not tell me your favourite Mega Drive / Genesis games and memories in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more Top gaming countdowns on the way.

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  1. Kings bounty was underrated they should have continued this game. when i think of the old games i always remember that one I bought it for like 2 bucks back in the day

  2. Finally someone who puts sonic 3 "and knuckles", above sonic 2. Sonic 3 & knuckles is one of the best sonic and best megadrive game ever.
    Aladdin should be higher for me and Robocop vs terminator lower and Quackshot should be on the list. Otherwise i kind of agree.

  3. Honestly, Hearts of iron 4 game is epic. I am pratically addicted to it lol and I think others would enjoy. Try it and its console commands from Cheats codes land.

  4. Got it right with the no 1 but I loved alien storm obviously streets of rage one should av been no 2, dessert strike was fantastic, pit fighter was crap and worse to look at but had a strange appeal that made me play it constantly, flash back was Brill at the time and revenge of shinobi was brilliant.

  5. An interesting list. We all have our own favourites missing from it, of course. I would urgently suggest Wonderboy in Monsterworld. Also, Speedball 2, Micro Machines 2, EA Hockey (and sequels), Jungle Strike, Sensible Soccer, PGA Tour Golf (and sequels), MERCS. And Ghouls and Ghosts.

  6. Streetracer, SOR 3, TMNT, NBA jam, Micro Machines, Contra, Quackshot, World of Illusion, Fifa 94, Mortal Kombat

  7. I think the creator only have thoose 25 MD games cartridge on the rest of his live. So, he doesnt awesome game.

  8. Very nice lost brings back many good memories, some of these I haven't played but a lot I have. Anyone remember super thunder blade? Columns? Altered beast?

  9. My top 5: 5 Earth worm Jim 1and 2, 4 Sonic 1,2 and 3d, 3 Golden axe 1 and 2, 2 Street of Rage 1 and 2, top 1 is the Shinobi 1 and 3!

  10. King's bounty….at number 6 huh… I wanna know and kinda don't wanna know who pulled this list out of their a**


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