Top 10 Video Game Franchises


They’re the biggest names in the industry and have come to define gaming as we know it. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Franchises. Check us out at and

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  1. Pokemon lowkey booboo this is my opinion guys y'all can give me hate if you want but I really dont care because I wont be alive to se them anyway

  2. To think you don’t have a spot for Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter but you have spots for COD and The Sims 🤦🏽

  3. Halo in #7? Call of Duty in #4?
    Halo in #4 then Call of duty in #7!
    That’s IT! Okay?!!!!!

  4. Assassins creed is my favourite franchise you just can’t beat the story and the gameplay not to mention the graphics

  5. Here are my picks for top 10 Video Game Franchises (the game must have at least 4 installments or more to qualify. I know Watchmojo choose 5, but I am choosing 4)
    10) Legacy of Kain
    9) Metal Gear
    8) Mega Man
    7) God of War
    6) Metroid (don't bring up Other M, we don't speak of that)
    5) Castlevania
    4) Tomb Raider
    3) Grand Theft Auto
    2) Legend of Zelda
    1) Mario

  6. Call of Duty above Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda? EA Sports and The Sims on the list while Metal Gear and Elder Scrolls are just honorable mentions? Sonic and Megaman not even making it to the honorable mentions? Just… why?

  7. There honorable mentions was better than their actual list lol. I’ve played every series in the honorable mentions section

  8. Can someone genuinely explain to me how on earth Mario is better than GTA… and how everyone is complaining about COD being above the likes of Zelda? Like I don’t understand the obsession with all these cartoon nerdy games. The only thing I can think of is nostalgia because if you’re trying to tell me that Mario is better than GTA I don’t think even god can help you.



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