Top 10 TIPS for GAME COLLECTING from Metal Jesus


I share 30+ years of game collecting SECRETS that will help YOU achieve your collecting goals. However these tips & tricks are not just for game collecting but they will be useful for other hobbies as well!

1 Network – Let People Know you are Collecting. Get on social media.
2 Be Knowledgeable – Learn to spot fakes!
3 Know how to Advance Search Online
4 Everybody going Right? Go LEFT!
5 Buy in Bulk – Sell off the Excess
6 Go to Expos – They can often be worth the flight & hotel
7 Buy in Parts – loose carts + manuals + boxes = CIB
8 Collect Imports when possible
9 Get to know store owners – They can be your allies
10 Be Patient have fun – You don’t have to be rich to build a collection


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  1. With limited space/dollars I go for portable systems and keep my focus pretty narrow. I also stick to games I will play (i.e. no mint games or random 'just because it's a set' sorta games).

  2. This hoarding is the entire problem in retro gaming. All of these channels are just bragging sessions.
    How to be a retro gamer now.
    1: Buy everything
    2: Hoard it
    3: Stand in front of it
    4: Film yourself
    5: Upload to Youtube for validation
    Retro gaming has become an absolute fuckery!
    You're a hoarder bro. You guys really don't need that much stuff. There is a thing called too much, and this is it.
    All of these channels are the exact same. Just attention seeking hoarding, and frankly, I think this could be classified as a mental problem.

  3. Makes me think of coin collecting which networking works so well especially when you have your go to store because they know you and sometimes give deals

  4. I couldn't help but laugh when you brought up collecting genesis. Because I focused on genesis when nes blew up 10 years ago. Now I have a lil over 600 games in my genesis collection and the most I ever paid was $50 for a cib punisher that was ligit complete with the temporary tattoos. Hopefully it doesn't take another 20 years to find the last 100ish games

  5. Ha, I see the first Half-Life release there on top behind you.
    I still have mine in mint condition, bought on the day of release.

  6. I want to start collecting money …
    here’s part of my networking …
    Anybody out there who doesn’t want money send it to me …

  7. 10:05 that is a great tip!
    The only problem is that it’s useless for me since I only want the cartridge😅😅

  8. I plan on moving to retro games mainly disc or non digital console and then buy a second copy of game and console for my collection I even have a medium sizes space in my room I can legit make my game space u earned my sub and I will follow u from on

  9. I always buy the previous generation, usually about 6 months to a year after the latest generation is launched.
    The amount of people/kids dumping their old game system to get some money for the latest system is so huge that it makes prices drop like a meteorite at .99 the speed of light.

    I also frequently go to any thrift stores close to where I happen to be working,I even buy games I already have there because I know they will go up in price at some point and they are dirt cheap anyway (Seriously, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 games are often between 1 and 3 Euro's even PSP games are cheap as F).

    And yes, I do not own the current generation and never have since the Mega Drive.
    Although I did technically get a Dreamcast within its official generation, yet after it was discontinued.

  10. The other day I saw someone was charging $300 for Donkey Kong Country on Amazon. Its a great example of how people like to exploit what's hot at the moment. It just happens to be the only copy available on amazon presently. It also is way more than anyone should pay. But I am sure some idiot will buy it and then everyone will start thinking DKC is worth $300.
    In the '90s, I collected comic books. Some of what I had in my collection was considered modestly valuable at one point. But now I couldn't give that crap away. But I hang onto it in hopes that some day some X-Men or Spawn nut wants to trade for them.

  11. Mhhh, I wonder how long PS1/PSP/… discs live? I am 21 and would prefer that my games dont die befor I die…. so I do prefer cartridges.

  12. Everyone at my job knows I love collecting games so for Christmas I got a bunch of GameStop giftcards 😍😍😍😍

  13. I have Nintendo campus challenge 1991 I don't want it's the only game I could find in the attic the box is perfect… I'm happy to send it to you I doubt though it's worth anything to you and also I have no PC games I looked.

  14. Noticed that almost all ps2 games are cheaper as imports and have the blue or silver cases, and a PAL ps2 is only 60-75 bucks. Good way to both save a few bucks and “go left” as you put it

  15. Sometimes quality over quantity . Most of the games I play I beat it if I see a good review for a game I like I buy it so more time to play it than looking at it but if you have the space and money live the video game collecting dream.

  16. It's because of your show I got a Retron 5 game console and it sure makes playing Pokemon Yellow a whole lot better.

  17. Just watched this and now that people think 3DS is dead and are trying looking to sell out I'm going to start grabbing it up.

  18. SELLING MY RETRO VIDEO GAME COLLECTION!!!! dec 13th on ebay. 100% donations. Please check out my vid to see my whole collection!! Please share it! Trynna save lives here!!

  19. Gonna be honest. Buying stuff locally nowadays (at least out here) is barely worth it. Why would i buy super mario bros 2 complete in a local retro store for 50$ when someone on ebay will offer the same offer for 20$? Also the lots i usually find are usually not worth it as they either have games i already have or games i don't want at all. Do i really want john elway's football or caesar's palace in my collection if I'm never gonna play them?

    I've been collecting for at least 3 years now and i think finding good deals is better than searching outside just to find what i want. Especially when people out here tend to overprice anything before the 2000s.

  20. I don’t agree with collecting for its own sake, people should collect the games they like and trade the games they don’t, gotta keep the games circulating instead of letting games turn dusty

  21. Ya I think it's wrong that you ask people to donate or send you stuff why aren't you sending people stuff or donating yourself I can't believe give you stuff to build your wealth and collection people are really stupid

  22. buying and selling big lots is how ive got my Switch collection for basically $100. started by buying cheap Switch console and game bundles to just keep single games like BOTW and Mario Odyssey, etc. then selling the console only and/or remaining games for the amount I bought it for or more and then found a nicely priced big bundle with the 4 or 5 good games i had, kept the Switch console and sold the games individually. now I have a boxed Nintendo Switch with Neon and Grey joycons, a Pro controller, a carry case and 6 amazing games that basically cost me less then $100


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