Top 10 Quickest Cases on Judge Judy


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The quickest cases on Judge Judy go to show just how fast the legal system works… sometimes. We’ll be looking at ridiculous cases on Judge Judy that were swiftly and easily resolved due to a clear lack of evidence, a terrible defense, or just general human stupidity. Judy doesn’t have time for this nonsense. MsMojo ranks the quickest cases on Judge Judy. Which Judge Judy case flew by the fastest to you? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I WISH WISH WISH you played the clip when Judge Judy blasted the man for having a lesion on his dick instead of just showing his face and not saying anything about it

  2. Well i came here to watch clips of judge Judy but all I hear is u telling me what they're saying as u mute 90% of the actual show…..

  3. While the girl that hit the deer was an idiot, there was nothing wrong with eating that deer. Many states even state that you can, you just have to notify gaming authorities so they can see it wasn't shot/poached out of season.
    There's nothing different between a deer that is shot, or one hit by a car, the meat is still good, and why waste good venison? Why let it sit there and rot? Maybe a homeless shelter would love to have 100#+ of fresh meat?

    I would have said I harvested it instead of "I ate it" though, sounds nicer.

    I'd seen the last one many times, real intelligence there.
    There's a similar story of a guy that broke into someones house wearing a mask. The people knew who he was, recognized his voice, shoes, and clothing. When he was arrested and told what he was being charged with, he said "How could they know who it was robbing them, I was wearing a mask.".
    Criminal mastermind level right there!

  4. Judge Judy A: It doesn't matter if you meant to break it or not, you broke it and now you have to pay for it! Obviously!!
    Judge Judy B: You didn't mean to break it, so of COURSE you don't have to pay for it. Don't be ridiculous.

  5. This is my option no hate i frkin love this channel, but every time a video starts with a loud sound, music, or scream i find that annoying. My opinion no hate i love this channel


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