TOP 10 Game Trilogies!


Every game seems to get a sequel, but making TWO sequels that rock can be a real challenge! This Top Ten Thursdays we are honoring the best built, most fun trilogies of all time!

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In this video series (top 10 thursday) DreamcastGuy talks about a wide variety of games in a review style format while showing gameplay. New, old, retro, and current gaming are all covered.

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  1. Crash bandicoots not a trilogy I don’t know why wrath of cortex got over looked that’s crash bandicoot 4 that game came out on the original ps2. There’s 4 uncharted games five once the spin off comes out. Mass effect there’s 4 of them what was this made before adromenida came out our is he pretending that never happened.

  2. Parasite eve is great but the trilogy is a mess haha. It's an identity crisis in the form of a game series.

  3. I agree, the Mass Effect series is perfection. I absolutely loved the story telling. I want a plush Elcor so bad. Lol
    And my brother loves BioShock also. He got the wrist chain tattoos too. 🙂

  4. Wow i thought you were one of my new fav youtubers, but now I am sure of it after mentioning Parasite Eve trilogy.

  5. i do greatly agree that xenosaga is a great game with even greater story, and to top it all it is really offensive to christian, so please christian play xenosaga it will open your eye to your own myth

  6. Parasite Eve is one of those Square games that no one knows about. It was so different and awesome. I really need to go back and revisit them, because as a teen I never really appreciated how awesome those games were.

  7. A little fact on the Parasite Eve Trilogy is that the first game was a conclusion of a book written by Hideaki Sena that was released in 1995 overseas and the United States didn't get a localized copy until 2005. There's also a English subtitled movie based on the book. Idk if you knew that info or not but I thought I'd throw that info your way.

  8. Before I clicked it I said to myself, "if Crash Bandicoot isn't on this list, it would be an automatic dislike". I got very happy to see it is here. Liked.

  9. I only played Assassins Creed up to AC:Brotherhood. They were beautifully crafted games (Only the story. Gameplay was boring. All you had to do is counter everyone and you win. Sucks.) But when AC:3 came it, it ruined the rest of the whole series.

  10. Dead Space. I don't care what anyone says, Dead Space 3 was an amazing game and I loved it to death. I was disappointed to not see it added to this list.

  11. I thought xenosaga was so boring and i love xenogears and xenoblade. I did not make it past the first one. MAby it gets better?


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