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A subsidiary of the toy mongrel Hasbro, Tiger Electronics, for many years, managed to satisfy the rapidly expanding video game demands by producing and releasing a whole infestation of very low-quality handheld LCD “games” that somehow gave off the impression that you were holding an actual NES right in the palm of your hands. But the truth is, IT WORKED! Since another main facet to market economy is that the products that people buy the most are the ones that get produced the most, Tiger proceeded to milk their new money grab for all that it was worth, and even tried their hand at releasing whole video game consoles for the sake of it. The Nerd casts his eye on a selection of hardware by Tiger Electronics, including a selection of LCD handheld games and wristwatch-styled games, plus two portable consoles – the Game.com and the R-Zone. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 113


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  2. Packaging like that ensures you can't return it without getting a restocking fee.
    "Did you open it?"

  3. AVGN: "You might as well save your toilet paper! It's worth a whole lot more!"
    2020: "Hold my Rolling Rock."

  4. AVGN: "How could they do this!?!?"
    8:38–8:39 "…and we were still buying them."
    …aaaaannnnnd…there's your answer!

  5. The only tiger games i had was the sports one…. i had figured out on the baseball one i had to get a homerun every time. As well as a lot of the fishing ones that acted like a reel and vibrated

  6. AVGN: Releases a video about how bad tiger games were
    Hasbro: Relaunches tiger games 7 years after this video
    AVGN: ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐

  7. You do realise that Tax-Man was developed by H.A.L. LABS(The same people that made Pac-Man) and was published by HAL Laboratory(The same people who published Pac-Man)

  8. Anyone remember the Tiger Electtonics styled toys that came in McDonald's Happy Meals? Ones based on Sonic, later Crash and Spyro

  9. I got Sega games exactly like these from McDonald's as a kid in the early 2000s LOL
    I had one with Sonic jumping over obstacles and one with Ai Ai picking bananas

  10. He should review a game on the wonder swan. The wonder swan is barely mentioned in the bowels of history. It's just another Gameboy copy.

  11. Dad: hey there kiddo what are you watching? Me: I'm watching an adult man sit in his basement while having a mental breakdown over crappy games from the 80s and 90s. Dad: son…do we have to take you to the mental ward again?

  12. 🎵 Tell all the nerds, to lay down their Zappers
    Tell 'em that the Tiger Games need a little bit of love
    They may not be Atari, and they might not be Acclaim
    But stand back and marvel, "What a shitty game"

  13. Ill be honest, Tiger Games Jordan VS Bird looks awesome. Remember that time when a friend own this Gem and when I ask him if I can borrow and bring it home he laugh at me and said its fuckin expensive. 🤣 As a kid I believe everything he said because Tiger Games are next to the glorious BF gameboy. 😂


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