This Fun Indie Game is the BEST Shopkeeper Simulator EVER Made!


➤In today’s video we check out a game called Winkeltje: The Little Shop. Winkeltje is a game about building, decorating and running a small shop in the days of old. You will deal with the day-to-day business as the owner of your very own store.


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  1. Hey GamesharkHD,

    Great to see you're enjoying the game! Thank you for finding some bugs as well, even if you didn't notice 🙂 We hope you enjoy any further playing of Winkeltje in the future.

    If you have any questions, you can always drop by the discord or the steam forums and we'll answer as soon as possible. You also pronounced the name very well, consider us impressed!

  2. This looks so neat. Thanks for showing it off. I do love the old world feel to the game as well. It gives off very charming vibes.

  3. I like how Youtube notifies you about channels that your not subbed to and does not have notifications on but skips notifications for subbed channels and belled channels :S 😀
    No offence to GameSharkHD and also this game looks interesting :D!

  4. Jus like irl u had the money to pay off the loan but u bought other stuff. Lol
    I like ur vids. Y is the music so much louder than voice esp at the end?

  5. It is about time someone makes a 3D game for shop owners players! Also that game looks so much fun!

    Also this was an awesome video gameshark keep up the amazing work! ♥ I am looking forward of more game plays like this in the future! c:

  6. Love this game! How did you get your furniture where you want it? I had a hard time placing things outside the circle.

  7. i love this game. i wish it had more to do like a town you could walk around, and people to interact with. but for just the shopkeeping aspect, it is definitely one of the best there is.

  8. As many comments already said, youre pronouncing Winkeltje really well! Now try saying "Scheveningen" (its a place in the Netherlands) hehehe


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