The Untold Truth Of 2 Broke Girls


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In 2011, CBS struck gold with 2 Broke Girls, a show about, you guessed it, two broke girls. Twenty-somethings, Max and Caroline, played by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, spent most of the show’s six seasons struggling to make ends meet while working as servers at a diner in Brooklyn. That is, until they tried earning some serious dough with a cupcake franchise. We all know that Dennings and Behrs made a phenomenal team, but here are some things you might not know about 2 Broke Girls…

The pitch | 0:30
Casting chemistry | 1:10
A certain… type | 1:37
Emmys and haters | 2:12
138 episodes later | 2:45
So what about Max’s mom? | 3:14
Where are they now | 3:37

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  1. There's actually a permanent cure for the genital herpes which most people don't even know only cause they never heard of Dr.ademiso on youtube

  2. скажу як українець, мене не ображає український персонаж, а расизм всюди знайти можна, лише б бажання було 😉

  3. I love this series i didnt find it rascist or rude it had great comedy i have never laughed so much. you had to take a lot of it with a pinch of salt. i shall miss it, i never can understand how you cancel something that is doing so well. we should have at least seen Max get married.

  4. On 2 broke girls there should have been a plot twist like Caroline's father could have been maxes real dad as well but the mother took Max and hid her or another plot twist is after max left her mother, she decided to become a singer cause she realized when max left was a mistake and wanted to make it up to her by giving her the bear from her childhood. ps:It's all good if you think the options are useless

  5. The ending I wanted to see was Caroline gets her money back and has to choose between going back to Manhattan or staying in Williamsburg with Max. And she, Max and Han become the co-owners of the Williamsburg diner.

  6. Can netflix save this show? I know it's been a long time, but still. Netflix saved Lucifer, it could probably get them back

  7. Heck No
    why they cancelled the show for a really stupid reason???
    i know many people are gonna be like" The reason is not stupid" But…Dude GROW Up
    The show was my life
    I'll miss the show😭

  8. I love how they wants to say this show is racist. Thats funny. Cause it f**** not. This show shows how real life goes when you live without everything all the supposed minoritys live with. The shows show womem how to be empowered by your work. Who ever made this video. Is racist for they are. Anyone who points their finger and accusing some one of being that makes them the same way!!! Thank yuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Am Anfang war Cat Dennings meine favouritin, aber als Beth etwas kützere haare hatte, wow.
    Beide sind einfach süüüß!
    Obwohl ich manchmal ein paar Informationen übr das Leben der Frauen weniger bekommen hätte, einiges sollten wir Männer gar nicht erfahren oder sehen müssen…

  10. Critics kill me. Obviously people loved it. I'm pissed that CBS didn't give it a proper ending. And we missed Cher as her mom! 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  11. When a tv show ends with a stupid ending the network should pay a fine to all the fans of the program … that way more people would buy the bluray's or DVD's when they're released with decent final episodes… but this series is not the only one. I have DVD's from Friends, Alf, Babylon 5 (dispite the stupid last episode but at least there was a finale), Night Rider (the original series, the last Night Rider" … one season and the stupied last episode ever) … Enfin… c'ést la vie.

  12. Probably offended alot of losers that is why they canceled it. Bring it back! Atleast make 2 Broke Girls The Movie.

  13. 2 Broke Girls really was a great show. The fact it was canceled while still being popular really does show you how thin skinned pussies are taking over. With all the shit garbage on TV there’s hundreds of shows that should have been trashed instead.

  14. this is my new favorite show im only on season 2 and i laugh like every ep i love the jokes and the characters its perfect

  15. I wish they would bring it back. Let us have the final season for season 7. Why are y'all always 1/2@$$ing your shows!?. I've literally stop watching TV after you ended 2 broke girls.a lot of good shows never get to end like Kyle XY, Las Vegas, these were great shows what happened why you guys always half-@ssing hard to get into a season cuz you never know if it's going to end good or half-@ss it's annoying and disappointing.💔💯

  16. 😂 me and my housemate are definitely the Male version,…we are completely different but since he’s gay people assume we aren’t just roommates. I’ll only feed you the 2D cause the real good material you may want to take

  17. A Sherice or Cerice? Did you sell my idea? Series was suppose to be more like the series Mom without the sexuality, vulgarity, or people needing drugs or alcoholism help. Single mothers who don't become whores, sluts, or prostitutes while getting the financial benefits needed to survive/exist while truly appreciating the corrupt, immoral, unfair, stereotypical, prejudice of this GODFORSAKEN land where I am a native american that looks black, proven long story, where white, black, and other minorities can see young women of intelligence, morality, and hopefully men of morality not conquest and lust that "beat off" rather than sin with someone. Using protection, for them reminds them of the no guarantee of either family or the father's financial, emotional, or spiritual support. Watch a funny, inspirational, serious life altering decisions most never experience. YOUR AND MY LIVES separate meet and become best friends. Where ever you are… God be with you and sorry I didn't keep on touch. Hope your daughters, son, and "you" are doing great.xoxoxoxo! CRAZY VIV

  18. The show should have been called "two hot broke girls , who well both get back there feet because there both hot girls"!


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