In this episode “The Reality of Being An Animator” we’ll talk about some of the ups and downs you might face in your carrer as an aspiring animator.

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  1. I love to draw and I want to become an animator and when I get better I was thinking about thinking making my own show if I got the opportunity ☄️💫

  2. Well I luv drawing some anime characters that's y I wanted to be the animator but my family doesn't agreed about being an animator..

  3. This is good tips 😊😊. Thanks, I’m currently in uni and I’m confused or doubting choosing animation as a major…it’s tedious but my teachers love my stuff. I’m just wondering where I would work after :/

  4. I've been a TV animator for a number of years, and it's nice to hear someone with such a positive attitude toward the job/craft 🙂 I agree with all your points, and being reminded of the good things you talked about here has bolstered my own attitude – no disrespect to my coworkers but sometimes I only hear them talking about the negatives, so this was a nice breath of fresh air, thank you!

  5. Dude, this is just amazing! I can see how much effort you putted in this! And by your moves I understand how MUCH you love ur job! Thank u for existing (and for the video)

  6. Hey. Loving your video and the things you talk say about the reality of an animator. I know it's hard to be good at animation, and drawing. I get that.
    I'm struggling right now to what I wanna do. I'm 18, in a community college, and I trying to be good at drawing and somewhat do animation in the future with some 3D modeling too. It's getting hard right now since my drawing skill suck and I only have my Laptop to do some basic modeling, but can't do any major renders. I want to be an animator and a 3D artist too. There are so many doubts in my mind that have been pushing me down and I don't know how long I can do it.
    Honestly, I'm not really good at math, somewhat decent in science, and other subjects I just lose interests, but with drawing and animation from other people, it's amazing and cool. I want to do what, I really do, but I've never had a dream about animating and modeling or anything really. Since I was young I've never taken an interest. I'm slowing losing my mind and frightened that I might not do anything in the future. I am afraid. Sorry for the long comment. I'm afraid that it might be too late for me to learn drawing, animating, and 3D modeling. I just hope I can change how I am. I really do.

  7. I’ve been wanting to do animation, but the idea of having to be good at physics is deterring me. How much coursework did you have to take on physics to complete your degree? Also, is there more to the technical side than being able to draw? Thanks for the great content. Very insightful.

  8. I want to pursue art and animation as my career
    Personally i want to create my own animated series . And i will it make a come true .
    Thanks for this video
    This really helped me to not doubt myself 🤗🤗

  9. I'm not sure if I have what it takes to be an animator I would love to figure out how to become one I'm a good artist I'm just not great at it I hope I can do it

  10. My dream is to work at Pixar. I heard that to get a spot at Pixar is to work really hard and have talent, since i’m twelve now i have a lot of time to improve ❤️

  11. I still can’t choose between as a concept artists and an animator… I’m really interested in animated movies and tv programs… so hard to choose! 😭

  12. Awesome video! What would be something advice you would give to someone who just starting out from scratch as an animator and what equipment and software you recommend them to have as a beginner?

  13. Thanks for the inspiration…..I was thinking whether to become an animator or not,

  14. At this point i am at around 3:40 of the video. Havent watched any further but I have to say: Love the quote! 90% True for me! As an animator i feel I do have an audience. It's me. I am the audience as well. I make animation in a way that I like them my self as well! and thats also how I know a animation is done when I look at it myself and im genuinly happy and enjoy to watch on a loop. Im going to continue watching the video now ;p

    Edit: Finished watching. Loved it! Even as an experience game-animator is just so much fun to watch another animators experiences and I almost fully agree! Keep it up man and enjoy because its indeed the most fun job there is ;p

  15. Man thank you so much for this video it really helped me know I’m on the right path. I’ll be starting animation mentor in the fall this year.

  16. I want to become an animator, and my whole family and friends support me, but I’m scared of myself. There are many factors that scare me about being an animator, but at this point I think I’ll just take the risk to do the job that I like. (I’m on my last year of high school)

  17. Hey man, thank you so much I appreciate your honesty. I am about to transfer to university and am very undecided on whether to go for animation or graphic design. Your video helped me make a more informed decision, and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you


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