The Little Mermaid Nes Gameplay – Full Walkthrough [Nostalgia] (HQ)


About This Game

Disney’s animated classic comes to life with THE LITTLE MERMAID for the Nintendo Entertainment System. As Ariel, you must take it upon yourself to stop the evil Ursula, who’s terrorizing the creatures of the ocean. You’d better be wary of the dangerous sea dwellers like jellyfish, lobsters, eels, and blowfish that stand in your way. If you can reach Ursula’s underwater palace, you’ll come face-to-face with the witch, and the fate of the ocean will be in your hands. You’ll enjoy the music from the film, and if you can defeat Ursula, the sea will be safe once again, and you can return to Eric and your life as a human!

Release Date: TBD 1991
E for Everyone:
Genre: Action
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom

Platform: Nintendo
Emulator: Nestopia v1.40
Controller: TRUST GXT 30 Wireless


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  1. The final boss for me was scary and really stressful to beat
    The music and the darkness… This proves that you can make a good game with little, and if it didn't work with adults it will definitely do it's job with kids

  2. It’s so cute it’s like watching a living, breathing, highly pixilated polly pocket go through her every day life 😍☺️💕💖❤️ haha would love one of these scenes put onto one of my T shirts 😂💕💖❤️

  3. TEGEX99 Nostalgia/NapakTilas Jakarta Selatan PasarMinggu PejatenTimur Jl.Kemuning4 1986-1999; Jakarta Kerasss Bung !

  4. I've tried a hundred times to get the infinite lives. Do you have to do it all simultaneously and immediately at the start screen? Playing with my 6 year old niece. Hoping to get her the lives so she can keep playing.


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