The Dan Le Batard Show's hilarious 'Looks Like Game' for Will Cain | ESPN Voices


The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz played its famous Looks Like Game with Tim Kurkjian. Mina Kimes found one about Will Cain particularly hilarious. The Will Cain Show responded with an acknowledgement that it was funny and probably accurate.

1:22 “Will Cain looks like…”
1:34 Mina Kimes starts to lose it
2:04 Will’s response

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  1. Will Cain was the mini boss you take on before you have to take on Max, and SAS is the final villain of the movie.

  2. Will Cain looks like the corrupt prosecutor who's being sent to prison where a bunch of his former victims are eagerly waiting for him.

  3. Will Cain looks like the cool department manager that wants to approve your day off but cant because he's not the store manager

  4. It's a looks like game. It has nothing to do with the kind of person you are its completely based on looks. My favorite was when they said Adam Silver looks like hes gonna unzip his skin and reveal hes an alien

  5. Will Cain looks like the jerk boyfriend in every Hallmark movie, who is constantly trying to get his small town girlfriend to give up her dreams of reviving the town her grandfather founded, and move to the big city “where all the action is”.

  6. Another favorite of mine is the Tony Reali looks like the guy who takes the girl at the bar you were interested in and gives you a wink as he walks away with her

  7. My favorite from the LeBatard show is “Will Cain looks like the guy at the bar with his friends who calls himself ‘Mr. steal yo girl’”

  8. On the surface, you might be unlikable/'weak bad guy'

    Well that's kinda the whole point of the looks like game

  9. I generally assume that people only dislike will cain because he is a republican AND he makes good points in that light often, or just because he's white. I pray for the day I have any merit to not assume so.


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