The Artist – Silly Game


‘Haven’t heard anyone play this great ‘The Artist’ track, in recent years’

Album: ‘Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic’ NPG Records 1999

Written by – Prince
Strings – The NPG Orchestra
Arranged By [Horns] – Michael B. Nelson, The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince)
Arranged By, Composed By, Performer – The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince)
Arranged By, Conductor – Clare Fischer
Executive-Producer [for Arista Records] – Clive Davis

•From my own cd and vinyl collection
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  1. Ms Garcia you broke this mans heart! You and your mom did your little thing in the beginning to capture Prince remember at the concert?I know you were young when you met Prince,but you could have at least told him you wasn't ready for marriage! We know young people need to explore before they settle down.What was your mother thinking huh? Money?A shot at fame and fortune?Your mother saw dollor signs and pimped you out! You were a waste of Prince's time sweety! You cheated on him several times and couldn't even bare children for him! But some how was able to have a child with Nikki.SMFH
    Oh we know the story gorgoues!
    You were an undercover gold digger.Selling his clothes online writing a bogus book that you would have NEVER put out if Prince was still here👎
    (This whole song is about Mayte Garcia) ………(go back and listen again to every word)🖤 (the bitch use to tell all her friends AND mother that she had a new sugar daddy!
    (Personal insider)1:02..1:28(Chaperone)?0:27 2:20 "No matter how far i run ill never be the same" you had two miscarriages with him,this is why he said that!No man is ever the same after looseing their kids!He brought you to Opera and sat you down on the couch and introduced you to the world.And you still broke his heart. Remember he's never even brought the other lady Vanity that he was in love with to the world and introduced her as the one he loves.So YOU were that girl and fucked it all up!👎
    She played the silly game Prince
    Cuz she was young!(i love u Prince forever man) i promise🖤

  2. Never heard this before. Makes me sad to know the world will never have Micheal Jackson or Prince ever again. Sob!!!! Would have love to have seen at some point both artists join together in the studio somewhere doing a collaboration on a song or an album. Yesssss. Nice dream though. But who knows – maybe they did when they were alive – hmmm. For whatever reasons people always feel it's not the right time to release some songs or albums. Who knows they could have done quite a few albums. Maybe if we all pray real hard it might just become a reality. Some one out there somewhere does have info on this matter.

  3. I can see this song being played in feature film – a love scene where the lovers are play fighting each other – chasing each other around etc. To where the argue against each other – both get all up in each other's faces – they shove each other.

  4. U can call HIM as u like……its not really important….but HIM voice's A DREAM in any version……nothing compares to HIM.💜 IN PRINCE WE TRUST, ALWAYS.💜 🎸

  5. I never thought you would be the one
    That I'd want to run to
    I never thought you would be the one
    That would make me care
    And even tho you done me wrong
    For some strange reason I can't explain
    I get happy knowing you phoned
    Cause your voice could kill my every pain
    Why do we play this silly game?
    I never thought you would be the one
    That I'd want to give to
    A diamond ring, anything that you ask me to
    But there you were, bragging to your friends
    Making up a story that's so lame
    That I was down to be your sugar daddy
    One way ticket to ghetto fame
    Why do we play this silly game?
    Every other night you weren't at home
    Out in the streets, just acting grown
    Never with a bodyguard or chaperon
    Then I hear a rumor that breaks my heart
    Instead of taking care of yourself
    You're tearing yourself apart
    Now why you want to
    (Why you want to, why you want to)
    Now why you want to go and do that, love?
    Why do we play this silly game?
    I never thought you would be the one
    (That I'd want to run to) that I'd want to run to
    I never thought you'd be the one
    That would make me care
    No matter how far I run
    I'll never be the same (I'll never be the same)
    In the end, in the end, there's only us to blame
    Why do we play this,
    Why do we play this silly,
    Why do we play this silly game?
    Tell me why? (Tell me why?)
    Oh why? (Oh why?)
    Oh why, why?
    Why do we play this silly game?

  6. To the 5 idiots who disliked this – you have no idea what real music is nor the talent or gift or the artistry that goes into making a great one of kind can't never be duplicated talent such as a Prince Nelson Rogers. Dig it 5 nitwit bitches. Now to the 373 loyal Prince fans from day one & to the millions and legions of millions more on You Tube and beyond – let's all cheer for the great Purple One – set your eyes high on the purple heaven. Did anyone of the movie Hollywood's about to do based on Prince's music – it's supposed to be a movie musical which revolves around his music.


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