STEEP Alaska DLC Gameplay FRESH POWDER – Steep Part 23


STEEP Alaska DLC Gameplay! ALASKA DLC is now available and FREE to download. A New Snowboarding Game just in time for the WINTER Season. Jump into an Extreme Winter Sports Open World Game. Where you can shred down Mountains, Glide in a Wingsuit and Walk places…sometimes run.

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  1. Oh thanks Amber I never knew what it actually was on making a headache I always thought it was just want to go to YouTube and watch and you guys of course but yeah I don't really know the dial thanks

  2. The idea is to keep on the white dot line, the reason you don't get any points is because you don't follow the lines.
     It's OK to bend the rules but not in ALASKA!!!

  3. Guys if you like snow move to Caneticut, it has allot of mountains, its we're in born. And also join me down in Florida there's no bugs and the winters sometimes get pretty cold were I live ❄☃❄

  4. Kwing is already skinny and if he drank that for 10 days he would float away like piece of paper, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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