SOS Atlas Game Trailer 2018 – Steam Release


Check out our EPIC sci-fi coop adventure game, AVAILABLE July 11th!!
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SOS Atlas takes you on an epic adventure with procedural generation at the palm of your hands! Almost two years since our successful Kickstarter campaign SOS Atlas is finally heading to steam! The game has been in development for a very long time, and we are excited to show some updated gameplay! Our indie game trailer showcase the many different gameplay fun you can have. SOS Atlas is the first game produced by Third Gate Studios, and we are sure that you will have fun especially when you create your best coop moments with your friends! We want to build a community around our game so please follow us on social media, visit our steam store page, and leave a comment on the video! We look forward to showing you more gameplay, and we want to release more game trailers in 2018!

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