Sonic Boom: Rootin' Tootin' – PART 10 – Game Grumps


Why did it have to be snakes?
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  1. but whats dans defense of banjo kazooie… pretty sure every child ever in the history of man had a teddy bear and not a teddy hedgehog… I'm fairly certain the reason for banjos fall from grace came from rare being bought out by microsoft and forcing them to make crappy kinect games, the conception of banjo came from them trying to make their sea of thieves pirate style game but then having to change mid production to fit the mario 64 model when that took over… whereas sonic is at least in my mind the only sega franchise still around so of course they're gonna keep him around and milk that blue hedgehog for all he's worth…

  2. I can't believe the chicken or the egg conversation happened here and was a simple thing, then you get to their Zelda CDI days and Arin vehemently cannot accept Dan's point. ofc they're exhausted and all but loll

  3. B-Bandicoot? That's a real animal? HOLY SH*T! All these years, I thought it was Crash' lastname and nothing more. It's an animal?!?!

  4. “Sonic the Hedgehog post-world”

    Yes, the world is no more. Thanks to the evil abomination brought about by Sonic Team.

  5. I love that Dan sometimes calls Arin "buddy" when trying to instruct him how to do things he's already been told to do but was talking too much to hear

  6. I'm commenting on this five years late but I just really want to comment on the chicken and egg convo. Arin's argument makes sense but Dan is correct about the egg coming first based on evolution (I taught this to my students a few weeks ago). Eggs originally came from fish and then to amphibians, but one of the reasons amphibians could not become true land-dwellers was because their eggs had no amniotic shell around it and would dry out very quickly. Therefore, the amniotic shell must have been created first to protect the eggs from drying out, and THEN we could get reptiles and eventually chickens. This is probably one of the weirdest comments ever but I couldn't help myself (plus it's not hateful so that's good)

  7. Egg came first guys. Almost-A-Chicken got it on with Not-Quite-A-Chicken and had an egg and from the egg came Chicken!

  8. When Arin has a slow moving bridge to wait for he decides NOT to use the jump glitch in the absolute best instance to use it

  9. Is nobody going to ever call Arin out on being biased against Sonic games? I mean yeah. The shit Sonic games outnumber the good game by a lot but to flatly state they are all bad is easy to prove wrong. The 2D Sonic games are more than half the reason Sonic is still a thing. they are objectively good and Arin refuses to admit it.

  10. No Dan. Not on your side at all. Arin intentionally not doing what the game explicitly tells him to do and then blaming it is not the game being broken (It is, but rarely in spots he says). Dan gets a pass though, because how would you know without playing, and most of his guesses are correct and Arin ignores him.


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