SOLVED – How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 without Computer | Towelroot


SOLVED – How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 without Computer | Towelroot

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“Congratulations your Samsung Galaxy S4 is now rooted with superuser” and I have rooted mine which is Android version 4.4.2

“{This Root method does not WORK on Android 4.4.4 & higher}” Even some peoples do have problems rooting their phones with version 4.4.2 and are reporting issues with it saying it’s not supported.
“If you have a problem saying it’s not supported then I would suggest you do with Odin thru computer setup and it’s fairly simple and easy to do it. Here is a link: please let me know how it goes…..good luck”.

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  1. Hello, I am trying to root my galaxy s4 to use the android recovery software. Did exactly what you did, but my phone wont allow installation, and just says 'x APP not installed'. Any suggestions? as i desperately want to retrieve my deleted data.

  2. Towel root could not downloaded yet I just click and hold and click on copy link but doesn't download 😞😞

  3. my version is a 5.2.2 is there anyways I can go back. I really needed it rooted. and I don't own a pc. is there any other methods that anyone knows


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