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What does it take to become an animator? Where should you start, what should you study, and how can you get better? Dan answers these questions from the perspective of a professional animator who’s worked in games and movies!
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  1. I have the determination to become an animator but I don’t have enough money to buy the equipment and those stuff people use

  2. I, by the way, am already a natural born writer but unfortunately I cannot draw. My overwhelming desire is to possibly pursue a career as a successful animator. Now, do I need to learn how to draw characters beforehand?

  3. What if my drawing isn’t hat great. How long would it take to master drawing and get good in traditional animation?

  4. Other animator:
    Animate something post it online
    Gets 10k views after a day
    Animator me:
    Animate something post it online
    Wait for a month and gets no single view

    Feel me??

  5. Thank you for advice. It’s really mean it to me.
    My background: I wanted to be animator since I’m 11 years old and I always get rewarded for my art at my school But when it’s time for me to go to college i already planned to go art major anyway but my parents don’t believe art can make money, so they control me to study a different major that is not art. I very regret it I hate the major that my parents control me to go in. Now I am planning to run away my parents,when I got my new place and I will never be what they want me to be . I don’t care if my dream job pay less than the job I getting but I can’t stand anymore. It’s times for me to fly away.

  6. Hey EC I love Open Source projects and want to contribute to my favorite projects, fix some bugs, add a feature, etc. But when I look at the build system and code written by other developers, I can't understand the context and determine what is going on. Please make a video on how to be an OpenSource developer for beginners.

  7. I know I don't need a degree to be an animator, but a goal I have is to travel and live in other countries. Some of those countries require a bachelors to live there unfortunately. So I started school for this reason.

  8. Animation Mentor is great for 3D animation but what about 2D animation? I really need to know if there’s a site that’s equally as good

  9. I know I'm 3 years late, but everyone was so helpless back 3 years ago😂 everyone's like "ya… I don't animate, but I wanna. Sure, I could start, but I don't rly wanna" not to make anyone feel pressured or anything, but a lot of great animators start fairly young. And u don't need a computer to start animation. Got a phone? Or any electronic that you're viewing this on besides a computer, laptop, or console? Great, get flipaclip! Got some paper and a writing utensil? Great, do flip books. There isn't rly a reason to not start. U either love animation and u do it for fun and devote your time, or u don't. Granted, that doesn't mean u have to have this burning passion for animation, that just means u have to start. The passion grows as you go along with this journey. And, if u haven't already realized, this is a very very difficult, time consuming field. And so, I'm still deciding if I wish to animate professionally or wat. Anyways, I wish everyone luck!

  10. Climbing that mountain, and mastering each skill and hurdle is like stumbling upon a marvelous city full of wonder. And the harder you work, the harder you climb, you stumble upon another city or land with each level, more wondrous than the last.

    Because with each technique and skill you discover you can DO more CREATE MORE. When you decide to apply them. You find yourself finally able to create those unique and beautiful designs you were jealous you couldn’t do when you saw other people do them. Even if it’s starts with some basic random shapes or references to get the juices flowing. Because you take a particular idea, a few details no else did. You take those of what you have, and bring it out to it’s full potential.

    And then you suddenly realize, each city you pass on that mountain, are your creations. And you get more excited than you ever thought before, on how to go about bringing those characters to life, as you climb through their world.


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