SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! – Yooka Laylee | Steam/Switch (Part 1)


Yooka Laylee for Steam & Nintendo Switch (Switch release TBA) Xbox One & PS4 gameplay/let’s play part 1

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PeanutButterGamer & SpaceHamster let’s play Yooka-Laylee for Steam and Nintendo Switch! (Switch release TBA) – Part 1: SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!

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Edited by Todd!

Into art by Dan Jones! →

Music by Zurachi! →

PB&Jeff Cartoon assets by Miski! →


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  1. As we mentioned in the video, we recorded one more episode, but we're a bit unsure if we should continue further. Let us know what you think!

  2. i dont like this game, because its UI design and dialogue are really outdated, just for the sake of looking like banjo kazooi

  3. You missed out an area at the first area. Go left from the chest beside the ramp that leads to the ship and drop down. There are a couple of bridges and perhaps a chest of quills…

  4. You guys are good at trying to talk like yooka and laylee I wouldn't be surprised if there is a animated show and you guys as the voise

  5. Straaaaaaange things are happenin to meh. Ain't no doubt about it!♩🎤😲

    Ah 😊 You guys never cease to entertain me.

  6. The name of this is so cringey to me because the instrument called the ukulele is pronounced oo-koo-leh-leh and when people pronounce it yOOKooLAYLeeeEE I shrivel up inside

  7. Be sure to check out the official Yooka-Laylee fan site (which I've heard through the grapevine) is officially endorsed by the YL dev team!


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