In today’s short tutorial you’ll find out how to obtain root access on your Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. The device used in the video is the J330F. The following models should be supported:


To find out more, and to DOWNLOAD the necessary files, check the developer’s thread on XDA developers forum:

Credit goes to the developers.

The process goes as folows:

1. Download Odin and TWRP files to your computer
2. Download SuperSU and Boot Image Patch files to your microSD memory card
3. Use Odin to flash TWRP onto your phone
4. Use TWRP to flash SuperSU and Boot Image Patch files

Remember: anything you do to your phone or on your phone is your own responsibility. This process WILL trip your Knox counter. Make sure you understand the consequences of that before you proceed. It will also require you to wipe data from your phone so make a backup before starting. Always back up your data in case something goes wrong.


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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 – How to root – SM-J330F/FN/FZ/G/DS [Tutorial]

  1. FINNALY A VIDEO THAT WORKS you know what man i ahave been searching for that for about 6 FUCKING months and because of you THIS SHIT WORKS THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS

  2. Give a direct link to the files you need to download, not a fucking link to the next dick movie on youtube

  3. Damit i got Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed at the start i cant boot ='(

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