SacredGuard Plays: Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 Finale – Birth Of A God


A Third God is born…

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  1. So….did anyone else go "Oh shit" when chaos God black Alice noticed them in the past?

    Omnipotence… just..wonderful.

    That's probably not going to end well.

  2. Hey Sacred, nice vids, good job, love the content
    P.S. Does any one else has a game crush on paradox or is it just me and is there a solution to the problem?
    It always say that the version of a game doesn't match some of the data

  3. One question about the source of the chaos. The parallel world the game take place in is supposed to be the first of the parallel worlds right? If so, did Black Alice get summoned into the original world from the original trilogy? Black Alice getting summoned and turning into the Chaos God caused space time to collapse and started the parallel world s getting made right? If that was true, would have destroyedtaken over the original world before Luka was even born, how did Nero and Neris even get born let alone travel to parallel worlds? We just got a glimpse of what happened and it's aftermath so maybe my questions are due to a lack of information, I figure we're going to go to Chaos God Alice's world eventually.

  4. have you done all the side quests? if not, you could make a few videos of you completing them. especially the ones that get you special companions, as well as side quests from some companions.

  5. Well it ends kinda sad i really want to see part 3 still good gameplay pretty broken DMG still funny gameplay thanks for make me my day but i cant wait to see the next part damn it XD

  6. I was waiting for this for a long time good to finally see it also I know this is weird to ask but if the part 3 trailer comes out will you consider making a reaction video about it i thought it be cool to see your reaction if not I understand its a weird request after all still I love your videos and I hope to see more!!

  7. Now all thats left for you to do before part 3 is the cirque du croix superboss and the 'Watch Upcoming Events' from the bookshelf in the illias temple hades (third option if it isn't translated)

  8. Fun fact: Sonia Chaos can use heavenly demon revival, but sadly the fight didn’t last long enough for us to see that.

  9. I'm not going to be surprised if the next part, if It does come out, there's going to be an Evil Luka that needs to be defeated.

  10. Now, how can a canon run be done after there is no ruling monster lord or Ilias? Do we just target Small Ilias as a replacement? On a gameplay perspective, it's also likely that enemies will be eventually balanced for the top levels and the best gear in the game for four party members.

  11. Post edit: Careful when clicking Read More. It's a long comment
    5:30 How does Alice not remember Nuruko, and didn't we already have the pocket castle?
    47:20 XD God dammit now I can see why she was so drunk in one of her evaluations. This on top of Luka being that incompetent/horny would do it… come to think of it not that many losses to a mosnter girl resulted in death right?
    54:00 FUCKING FINALLY! Been hyped for this moment for so long!
    55:50 Doing what is universally impossible would do it. Dark and Holy literally cannot mix, and then it became possible
    1:00:00 YEP… That'll get you smoted
    1:00:45 How many places in this setting disobeyed Illias on a daily basis? THIS is what made Remina intolerable to Illias
    1:05:00 I see… they wanted Heinrich and got something far more grave.
    1:09:25 Huh… not sure what I was expecting as far as design goes
    1:09:50 THAT'S a design look at it
    1:10:45 Good old hubris
    1:11:15 HOLY SHIT!
    1:15:15 Hang on… the media we won't mention has one of the Six Ancestors was in it, but I can't remember if she is here in this sick lineup
    1:26:15 She got an upgrade
    1:28:00 Speaking of, Sonya no longer looks like Dark Magician
    1:36:05 Hey they didn't bail like those Seraphs. I'll trust them

  12. Hope to see you do an Ilias route run at some point. And I mean more than just how it ends, seeing the full journey with her would be nice, but I understand if you feel that would be a too much effort, or a bit redundant. Perhaps some highlights, such as stuff with her unique recruits?

  13. Congratulations on the achievement! The game really didn't like you trying to do the "only Luka and Alice run" it seems.

  14. Oh, wow, – the ending is completely different from Illias' route, interesting. I'm very looking forward to that "fateful desicion" – it's very much like Shin Megami Tensei series style. I think I'm sticking with Illias till the very end. O, Almighty Illias, guide me with your divine enkightement ! (and such, haha)

  15. All this canonized all the hscenes of the VN. That's what we get for pushing the "Surrender" and "Request" buttons.


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