Rosetta Stone Vs. Duolingo; From Someone who has completed both programs


Rosetta Stone Vs. Duolingo. Which is better? My opinions (in a nutshell) after completing both programs.

Rosetta Stone uses immersion style learning with great sound quality and specific photos but doesn’t apply any sort of algorithm or data base to keep track of your weak words or skills. Cost $199 for two year subscription

Duolingo doesn’t have the cool pictures and relies on graphics instead. The speaking feature sounds computer generated, but the app tracks your progress and turns learning a language into a game. It also keeps track of your weaknesses and works to reinforce them over time


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  1. Think of the irony in naming a language program that doesn't use grammar or translation Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone discovered in 1799 was so valuable entirely due to the fact that it was a translation. The Rosetta Stone finally made the language understandable, or comprehensible. That is what grammar and translation can do when you are learning a second language. It will not make you speak the language, but it can help you understand much faster than you would otherwise.

  2. If you are stuck in rosetta stone, you can press and hold, then they will show the translation to your language

  3. I think with the updated pricing, Rosetta stone is really the best option for everyone who is looking to start from scratch and get to a b1 to b2 level

    $199 lifetime membership, all languages.

  4. You can actually flip the pictures around for Rosetta Stone and it tells you in English what the picture means. Also for answer pics same thing. Live tutoring was a waste of time tho. The tutor literally only spoke Korean, also swerved the questions I had in English.

  5. I learned to speak Spanish as a second language. Learning a knew language requires incorporating several methods. Duo, RS, text books, actual practice with a native speaker (I loved live mocha). Rosetta stone is now $199 for lifetime membership And all languages. You can finish with one and continue with the next.

  6. I guess the lesson here (pun intended) is that you should probably try things out with Duolingo since it allows you to do complete lessons for free and then, if you are not quite satisfied or you just think you want to get a top-shelf experience, you can switch to the premium Rosetta Stone service.

  7. When ypu hit the little eyeball looking thing on the left lower page in Rosetta Stone, you see the English translation.

  8. I've decided to minor in italian in college so I'm going to try to take rosetta stone courses to gain a foundation so hopefully I can bypass the lower level courses and advance a little higher. I have always wanted to learn another language and though it doesn't really coincide with my major of computer science I was like fuck it, learning is supposed to be personal fulfillment I suppose lol.

    Also unlimited languages rn is only 199 for life.

  9. As a portuguese (brazilian) speaker I discovered RS a couple of weeks ago and I decide to learn different languages far way from my context and structure language of portuguese and I say – its amazing – . Lets share our knowledges around the world. Bons estudos!

  10. Rosetta stone is great, and I agree that the price is reasonable considering to cost of language education at universities or institutes. If somebody can't afford it, or just would rather use the money for something else, they can always download a cracked version for free. It takes a little bit of time to get everything done if you're a beginner at getting cracked software, but I doubt any more than an hour.

  11. I'm learning swedish words in duolingo and learning pronounce in rosetta stone. First i use duolingo and when i improve my swedish then i use rosetta stone for speaking. I check other languages in rosetta and i didnt understand anything

  12. I like duolingo, but now I have marital issues due to all the time I spend on it sometimes I stay up all night on duolingo, I hide from my wife in the bathroom on duolingo and she catches me, duolingo has become my loving mistress whom I love very much, my wife and kids are leaving me, but now I can say, ¡Adíos!

  13. I got rosetta stone, thinking that it was a good source to learn Japanese, but I didn't even know what I was saying on the first lesson. It didn't have any translation to what the kanji, or words shown were. It would say sentences, and without me even knowing what it was saying, tell me to choose what it was, all in Japanese. So I got a lot wrong, and didn't help me at all figuring out what it was saying….

  14. I've been researching into learning Italian and discovered a great website at Hartlyn Language Lessons (check it out on google)

  15. As of today, Rosetta Stone now offers the lifetime membership rather than a two year subscription for the same price. I haven't tried it yet because of the cost. I don't care for Duolingo as much because it is painfully slow. You learn the same thing over an over in a module, and once you run out of hearts, it takes about 20 hours to refill them all. Even though purchasing the subscription would alleviate many of the annoyances (no ads, unlimited hearts, and the ability to test out of a level), I was so annoyed with the free experience that I didn't want to try the premium version. I also feel that it is overpriced for the terrible audio quality at about $90 for a year. I ended up going with Memrise (on sale for $30 for a year). The main idea with Memrise is rapid retention of the vocabulary. They are also rolling out grammar options as well as videos of locals speaking. I am fairly happy with it for the price, but it is definitely lacking in functionality. Many of the questions are multiple choice, which meant I wasn't learning the words, simply narrowing down my choices. Someone created a script as a workaround for the website at least, so I am now getting only fill in the blank questions. My retention is finally where I would expect it to be while learning a new language. The audio is amazing though, so I'm good. Another option is Mango Languages. My local library has an agreement with them so the content is free for library patrons. (Definitely worth checking into your local library for options). Mango is more like a textbook to me. It does a fantastic job of explaining the "why" of the language and when you would use certain words verses others. But again, learning was painfully slow.

  16. I am using Rosetta Stone for Latin American Spanish and i think it's simply amazing. There is a ton of content and it's all being spoon fed to you using proven methods.
    I just wish that Rosetta Stone had full programs for major African languages like Yorùbá, Hausa, and Kiswahili, etc.

  17. If you buy a subscription on Rosetta Stone, is it only for one language or can you switch between languages?

  18. Kindly suggest me how can I learn French for passing my exams. I have been using Duo and completed few modules. I was thinking to pay for Rosetta. But good I watched your video. My exams are in Dec. I have to learn it all by myself. So which one is better for learning basic to proper grammar, framing sentence etc.

  19. the problem with RS is that the sentences are so STUPID you will never use any of them in the real world and DL just got greedy so, fuck them both.

  20. No sir! Rosetta Stone is best language learning app. Even though you learn faster with your native language, it will be very hard to master it. But RS teaches you as if you are a baby! It is almost imposible to forget what you learn with Rosetta Stone! Learning with it takes longer time but it is crucial, you repeat everything over and over again. Rosetta Stone is very unique app. I advice all of you learn languages in those languages, otherwise you'll have serious problems to master them later on.

  21. What will you choose?
    Rosetta Stone (It will take your money)
    Vs. Duolingo (IT WILL TAKE YOUR Familia)

    Edit: HIDE yo kids HIDE yo wife HIDE yo husband cause DUOLINGO will kill them all

  22. Duolingo is awful. I was trying to use it in a public place, and it was impossible to mute the voices. I deleted the app immediately. Total trash.


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