Rooting and TWRP tutorial – Galaxy S5


Hi everyone, in this video I’ll show you how to root and install a custom recovery on the International version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (so the SM-G900F) running the latest stock Android 6.0.1. In the links below you have both zip files – SuperSU and Magisk – so you can pick whichever root variant you like most.


Samsung drivers:

Odin 3.12.3:

TWRP S5 (tar file):

Magisk v14.0 (zip file):

SuperSU v2.79-SR3:

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  1. thank you so much for the video your method is the only one that worked with my phone and I spent the whole day trying

  2. You totally skipped the part that you need an SD card and to move the SupserSU or Magisk file for installing to the device later.

  3. You only mention Magisk and SuperSU in passing. I followed the steps from the start, and when your video is done, you never mention what to do with either Magisk or SuperSU.
    I did everything as explained. I installed the Samsung driver, used Samsung USB, used Odin to flash tar.file, unchecked "auto reboot". You never mention anything about how to use Magisk or SuperSU.

  4. Hello sir. My device Samsung Galaxy s5 g900h. I wanna root my phone with out pc. So watched millions videos in youtube to how to root but all way no one worked with my device….pls I need your help…thank you sir

  5. Hi. I need some advice. I installed lineage 16 and MindtheGapps 9.0 Arm64 into my Samsung s5. I now can't get out of twrp recovery. Whenever I try to get out, the system seems to try to run lineage 16, but it goes back to twrp recovery. Please help me out. Thanks.

  6. I tried many ways. Sometimes successfully installed recovery. But when booting it says no command
    But following this video, it works!!!!!
    Don't forget to turn of Auto Reboot in Odin

  7. Thank you so much for the video. I could not install TWRP until I removed the check mark "Auto reboot".

  8. Do you have to wipe your phone for Magisk?

    Edit: does wiping your phone delete all of ur stuff?

  9. I've done this 10 times and I can't get teamwin to turn on it just takes to a menu of thing that doesn't have teamwin in it


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