ROOTIN'-TOOTIN' SKIING & SHOOTING! — VR Medley #1 (HTC Vive VR Gameplay)


Woo! Virtual Reality medley! As you probably know, SpicyWaffle loves VR…but VR games are sometimes a bit short or repetitive, and sometimes don’t translate well into a full-length Let’s Play style video. So, what’s the solution? Keep these experiences to ourselves and totally fail to share them with the internet? NO! THE SOLUTION IS ASEMI-REGULAR SERIES OF VR MEDLEY EPISODES, SPRINKLED IN AMONGST OUR NORMAL VIDEOS, LIKE DELICIOUS SUGARY SPRINKLES OF VERY SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT CONTENT! Let’s play several HTC Vive VR games!

In this first episode, Uko plays the following games:

Fancy Skiing VR:

Quick Draw:

Candy Kingdom:

For more HTC Vive VR goodness, check out our always-growing VR game playlist:

ROOTIN’-TOOTIN’ SKIING & SHOOTING! — VR Medley #1 (HTC Vive VR Gameplay)


Outro music: “Funkn Waffles” by TeknoAXE


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  1. YES! Skifree was exactly what I was thinking about watching the ski game! I totally expected a yeti!

    It doesn't surprise me that Uko did good with the shooting; you two ARE Texans after all!

    Meanwhile, the third game looks like Spike Lee's fever dream after a bad acid trip, as Uko does drive-by's in Candy Land…

  2. SpicyWaffle,

    What makes it even more disturbing by far, was the fact that that gingerbread man was smiling when you shot him! You guys truly are evil!


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