Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop


I got lots of request to make this video here it is how to root Samsung galaxy note 4 5.1.1 lollipop…

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  1. hey bro. I flashed auto root using twrp then it booted correctly but su wont detect apps and king su says ..unable to authorize due to device restriction.. plz help

  2. you don't have the SM-N910A file, which is for AT&T. so unless this is an international note4 this information is useless. but thanks for trying

  3. No cf auto root file listed for sm-n910a in the repository. I've been searching and viewing videos for days now and I don't see a way to root samsung note 4 sm- n910a…..att must be the problem? Thanks for the video though! Looks like it's helped many people.

  4. So this will work with the 5.1.1 AT&T variant note 4, correct? That's the n910a. Has anyone actually tried this on that version? I understand it works with the n910c, but is that similar enough to work the same?

  5. I have this phone, it is att, they gave me unlock code, and I unlocked it, I called tech support at att and they said that it unlocked the bootloader, and I also disable all knox apps. but my paticular note 4 has no down load on the site link below, so how do I root sucesssfully? please help

  6. so I download king root to device and run it and it says rooted then I use supersu me and run thru the stages after that I try to download lucky patcher then it says I have no root ? I'm lost

  7. I'm trying to root a motorcycle razr m now and it want stay rooted I bought supersu me and all and I'm just having back to back problems

  8. i just tried all ur mathods but it doesn't work on my note 4 i dont know what is wrong …………………………….

  9. Hi kilObit, can I use twrp-recovery instead of cwm-recovery? Is it will affect the rooting? Also if I just follow you step by step, can I change to twrp-recovery after that?

  10. –>Kernel Is Not Seandroid Enforcing<– why this warning msg coming on Boot Screen when i root with kingroot app But my sm-n750 works fine

    but tellme why is that msg coming on boot screen

  11. Hi Kilobit. fail on my 1st attmept. it says custom binary blocked by R/L. im using a note 4 SM910c .and i do have the android security patch level on my device informations. thanks.

  12. How to root samsung galaxy j2 as for me kingroot is not working its says root starategy unavailable and it says sometjj g qeue plz help me

  13. Hi, after rooting as u did, does it wipe all the memory and storage of the phone (all contacts, photos, notes etc) ?

  14. Why can no one find a Root solution for USA Verizon Note 4 on 5.1.1 ??
    There are no download files for the US Verizon version either. 🙁

  15. will this work on att note 4 5.1.1 or not? you answered yes to another person, then no to another one. so which is the answer?


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