Root Redmi Note 4 Easily with TWRP Recovery! [SAFE]


TWRP Recovery-
ADB folder-
You can Use MAGISK ZIP file instead of SuperSU-
LazyFlasher –

How to Unlock Bootloader-
How to Update MIUI 8- .
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  1. Hi, Thanks for the video. I haven't succeeded yet. May be it is because, i got a different image called RedWolf-027-mido.img and after flashing this, i did not get the same TWRP screen as shown in your video. Instead i got a mi recovery logo with just 3 option, wipe, reboot and connect with miassistant. I would like to try flashing again using the correct mido.img used in your tutorial. I am searching for that. It would be great if you could update your links accordingly
    Update : I found the link to the correct twrp mido img file:
    After flashing this image, i could install supersu and lazy flash. But after rebooting the device is still not rooted. Did i miss anything?

  2. my mobile screen is stucked on mi logo as u said in the video if i will not install the lazyflasher then this will happen but now what can i do to fix it please reply
    as soon as possible

  3. To anyone having problems with this
    You can download (Minimal ADB and Fastboot) it will install everything then just copy the recovery img to the location and open the program minimal adb and fastboot

  4. dude, you are such a mess, you speak so fast and you tell us to download the SU file "linked in description box below" when we are in the middle of the process..what the hell man..

  5. I did everything but when I reboot into system after flashing lazy flasher file it get stuck at mi screen plz help

  6. need help
    i forgot to install supersu and lazyflasher
    instead i booted in twrp recovery
    now phone showing MI logo on screen
    what has to be done now pls help

  7. I think this is not updated for anyone who tries it now. or it is missing lots of steps. One of them is unlocking fast boot, and more. also the files in the links are not as they named in video


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