Rocksmith but its with a Ukulele


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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Outro Song:
Another Universe (Instrumental) – Tomas Skyldeberg


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  1. So no one's talking about the fact that he's literally playing songs that took hours to write and produce, on a ukelele?

  2. If I quit guitar, it’s because of you. I can only play the opening riff to holy diver, and your playing the solo on a ukulele!

  3. this sound is because he skipped the tuning. On the beginning game measures gain from guitar and setup volume to not be too loud or too quiet. Also when you have too much gain then game even "accepts" wrongly played notes.

  4. Check out my ukulele cover of Jake Shimabukuro's song "Dragon" here

  5. Thedooo you are awesome man! I’m super late to your channel and this vid but I’m like I know he’s got to have a coheed song on here somewhere and I finally found it! Thanks buddy! Keep on shredding!


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