Reviving a 3,000-year-old Ancient Ballgame


Long before basketball and soccer, ancient Mayans were hitting the park to play rounds of Mesoamerican ballgame. Dating back to 3000 B.C., the game was played with a solid rubber ball that could only be hit by a player’s hip. Today, in Hidalgo, Mexico, a group of athletes are determined to bring back the ancient ballgame and honor the traditions of their ancestors.


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  1. This was very interesting and I applaud them for envisioning the continuation of this sport. I am a retired roller derby player and if derby can revive itself I don't see why this can't get started

  2. Mexico and all of South America should implement more Native Languages to preserve are real roots and cultures. And leave the Catholic Church and start our religion.

  3. Did you know that hundreds of years ago in with the aztecs, the loosing team would be sacrifised and have their heads severed with the victor holding up their heads in the air?

  4. [*Winners get their head chopped off*]
    *Guy [wants to keep his head] to the other team*: Be gentle with me guys, my hips hurt so much after scoring all your wives last night.
    Gets revenge beat in game, keeps his head
    Time to score those widows 4 real
    Starsstarsstars a other terrible jokes

  5. Most people, who willingly played this game for our God's felt honored to be sacrificed. The sacrifices of the Aztecs and Mayans and bloodletting, tattooing, piercings, and other rituals like living body heart removal, these were done by our warrior society, who above all other things held science, engineering, inventing, mapping, mathematics, and a warrior society that can be compared to the likes of Sparta after King Lycurgus bestowed the stoic laws of The Great Rhetra. Then becoming the fierce warrior society we know of today.
    But unlike other countries, our God's required blood having bestowed knowledge and wisdoms and understandings, we offered blood, we offered structures mathematically perfected to reflect the heavens above, even if it took centuries to finish.

    Up until the banished and true King of The Toltecs rose to from Warrior to Shaman to King of Tollan, loved his people so and stopped the sacrifices of our people for a time. He brought more understandings, profound teachings of science, and was thusly titled Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, Our Prince One Reed The Feathered Serpent. But other Shamans who believed the Gods ofbwar which they worshipped over Quetzalcoatl would bring furious consequences for the drought of blood flowing to them. And they went to war.

    The Spanish having deciphered the few Codex histories we have offered an obvious smearing by saying that the other high Shaman of Tollan secretly poisoned Topiltzin with Alcohol and committed adultery and having woken up in shame, left and emulated himself in fire thus rising to true God-hood, like Tiber Septim becoming Talos in Skyrim, in real life, the banished followers they called Pipil, the Aztecs, and Mayans all believed Topiltzin ascended and became Quetzalcoatl for his undying love, teachings, before setting himself ablaze, got on a raft in a river, and spoke that he would return home one day, and that he will come a certain way, and when that happened, all the ancient glory of the Indians would return after he defeated those that hurt our own people and would take his rightful place at the throne to continue bestowing knowledge, love, and wisdom to all his people.

    But the reality shows that they went to war. Topiltzin had such a strong following, although they lost, migrated southward stopping and creating settlements from Mexico to Nicaragua. Created Chichen Itza, adopted by the Mayans these Pipil led by KuKulKan. Then emulated himself after leaving those that wanted freedom, love, science, and harmony as far as he could go.

    We were a great people all of us. Our brothers and sisters to the North plains and further to the beautiful Inuits, all so were great as well, and so great were those of our brother and sisters further South in the Andes, the Incas, and their tribes.
    And when the Polynesians adopted islands and brought with them their beautiful culture, fierce warriors, great knowledge and customs and shared with the Mayans a great connection being the first two societies to implement tattooing and other shared cultural as an embrace, personally, like my ancestors, like I'm sure all indigenous people of this continent can agree, they are as good as blood, as good as brother and sister to us all. They have a home here, and all our homes and languages and histories taken from us by religious conquest and imperial colonialism. One from mainly Christian England to the North. And the French further North.

    And one by Catholic Spain.

    Subjected to war, disease, subjugation, 180,000,000 indigenous people died fighting for the God given chance on this God given land, 95 percent, and bravely did we give them hell, and died gloriously, but still 180,000,000… All within 200 years. Never in the entire history of the Earth has anything close like that ever happened except the 5 periods of extinction. But that happened within the timeline of humanity once, here, it happened to us.

    Richer did the church of Christianity committing anti Christ atrocities become and the Empires of England and France as well, war, slavery, and land stealing is profitable.
    So did the Spanish, but they collapsed 500 years ago, which is why our lands are now 3rd world controlled by cartels that the US showed how to manufacture drugs and trained to fight like black ops mercenaries. And republic's that try to mock American government as a means to become a dictator and control our already poverty strike people. But I swear to you all..
    As a good man, with roots on this soil, I am no Hispanic, I am not Latin. Those things mean "these conquered people" and while Im alive, we have not been conquered fully yet. Nor my brothers and sister around us, including the Polynesians who have also suffered as we have suffered.
    This is unacceptable. Incant live my life distracted when something can be done tonight the wrongs of humanity. Spanish is not my language, I am not some immigrant farmhand, I am a Mesoamerican Indian, the blood of the Mayan, The Mexica, and Toltecs runs in these vains, and honor them I will because they died for me… Honor our brother and sister natives I will because this our home, this is our family, the ancient glory will rise.

    In Lak' Ech…..

  6. both mayan and aztec were doing this sport, mexica/ when it comes to territory mayan should be in guatemala right?

  7. The losing player or team gets sacrificed by being decapitated
    I pray that there weren't any in the making of this video

  8. They never mentioned that on rare occasions, the captain of the losing team would be sacrificed. It looks like a really fun game, combing elements of tennis, soccer, and basketball.

  9. im hispanic but i look down on another latinos cuz they strike me as dirty and that is nvr gunna go. But, i am from indigenous tribes in Guatemala descended from the great Mayans. Mention the Mayans and i feel a surge of pride being Latino. I'm proud of my skin color but i still do not appreciate contemporary Latinos today. Im just so unique and different that many latinos fail to understand me.

  10. Imagine thier ancestors looking at them and thinking that's not even how you play. We aren't 100% sure what the rules of the game are. So what if they have them all wrong.

  11. Applaud them for reviving the game and preserving culture.
    But they can just play football, the world needs more good football nations.
    Nations to crush braxil

  12. These people aren’t even the descendants of the original mesoamericans. These people descended from the Spaniards that invaded and raped their way into the culture.

  13. Leave the Sport being like it's now…if there's a league surely would become clowns's Sport And just a lie, like almost all the sports are now.

  14. Hate to break it to you but all your "ancestors" died from disease. By all means play your game but dont act like you're an aztec man. You're mixed af with a very small amount of native dna


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