Review: Tokyo Drift(Raw Thrills) @ The Game Grid Arcade, UT


Review of Raw Thrills’ racer, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2007) at The Game Grid Arcade in West valley City, UT. We actually got the Drift kits that you can put into any Crusin’ USA, World, Exotica or SF Rush 2049 cabinet, to save on costs since my budget was fairly small for buying games. Tokyo Drift is a solid racer that combines some elements from games like the Crusin’ series, with a few from SF Rush 2049 along with a few touches of its own. In addition to racing the game focuses a bit on pulling off tricks/stunts with the cars such as backflips, helicopters, barrel rolls, etc. along with drifting. It’s over the top but that’s what makes it fun. Tokyo Drift also has a ton of tracks, each with shortcuts and ‘destructible environments’ and you can also upgrade your car with a whole new body. Overall it’s a cool game and we’ve got it for play at 3 tokens (50¢ if you convert to quarters) so come and check it out (if you’re in Utah)


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  1. Just bought this machine and a Golden Tee 2003 for $500 for the pair. Tee works great (I'm just cleaning it and replacing the trackball bearings). Furious worked then guy I bought it from said it started giving a HD error a week ago. I'll mess with getting the Golden Tee how I want it first.

  2. @scavarsitysoccer1 When you start the game press a number on the keypad. That will be the first number of your password. Push any other numbers you want as part of the password and hit start then it should continue with the account.

  3. Hey Dude, Nice Video I Have That Game On My House, I Used Your Tip, I Placed The Kit On My Old Cruis'n Exotica Cabinet, Worked Fairly, And I Have All The Tracks, And My Cars Are Tunned To The Max, Really Sweet Vid.

  4. Don't worry, it's not like you had any bearing on your finishing position. Nobody seems to notice the cheap AI and the fact that this is essentially the same damn game as the previous Cruis'n titles. Eugene Jarvis was behind this and all of the Cruis'n titles, you'd think he'd do something new in the series for once.

  5. cruis'n 4 is on wii

    guess what cruis'n 5 is coming soon

    cruisn 5 is same game that you saw a video

    sooooooooooo true


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