Review for 1942 (Capcom) @ The Game Grid Arcade, UT


Review of 1942 by Capcom for arcades. Released in 1984, this is an excellent vertical shmup that was among the defining games of it’s kind in the 80’s . It’s quite a challenge yet a lot of fun to play.

In the video I forgot to mention the power-up system – you can get four shots instead of two although it doesn’t seem to do any extra damage, it simply covers a wider area, the same goes for the wingmen power-up. There also is a powerup to kill all enemies on-screen at once and one to give you bonus points.

Drop by The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City UT to try it out!


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  1. i could finish this game in the arcade  back in the day i was 14 then i suck now would take about 3 hours to finish on a credit you got  a million bonus great game

  2. Never understood why a Japanese game company would make a game about shooting down Japanese pilots. They could have made the game about anything else really… it's just a standard shooter game….but no they didn't. I wonder why. Were they trying to make a point? As if to say "there's no way in hell you would have won WW2 yankee, because we could throw thousands of planes at you. It just turns out that you had a single damn good pilot who could take on everything we threw at him."

  3. What does this allah character have to do with arcade gaming?
    I know several muslims who are avid arcade gamers.. However, they are also not insane, that might be it..


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