Review: Chase HQ2 (Taito) @ The Game Grid Arcade, UT


Review for Chase HQ2 by Taito @ The Game Grid Arcade in the Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City, UT.

Chase HQ2 is a sequel to Taito’s original Chase HQ which puts you in the driver’s seat of a police car chasing down criminals who are on the run from the law. It’s your duty to smash into these cars until they are incapable of running any more. It’s a fun, demolition derby style concept that works well with the graphics and the sound that the game puts out.

There are a couple of issues however – it would be nice if they added more than five levels and if they would have adjusted the difficulty curve as with your first try it does take a little getting used to. The high score screen also is a challenge for people to input their names which should be unnecessary. But despite these issues it still is a fun game that is a bit different from the many, many other racing games the arcade sees these days.


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  1. Great review! I think this is some of the best quality footage of Chase HQ 2 I've seen on YouTube. I'm really hoping that Taito may one day decide to release this as a digital download for consoles and PC, but I think it may just be on the wrong side of being a bit too obscure to be genuinely financially viable for them to do so.

  2. @Dandadudemedia Game makers will ship a game with a suggested price but the operator can easily adjust it to whatever they want. I'm not sure if all games sent to the UK are set to by default, it might vary from one company to another. But I know of places in the US too that charge $1 since the machines themselves are expensive. Chase HQ2 for example was about $7500

  3. @Dandadudemedia It really varies from one arcade venue to another. I've seen plenty of places that charge $1 per play but others that charge less. In the 80's it was typical to charge 25¢-50¢ but as machine costs and currency inflation have driven prices up in many cases. I still charge 75¢ to start on this game, 25¢ to continue. Some games I have I charge 25¢, some 50¢ but the only one I charge a $1 for is a redemption game that gives prizes.


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