Realpolitiks – PART #1 – Political Strategy Simulation Game


Join us on a mission to re-establish the soviet union through war and diplomacy in Realpolitiks

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  1. you playing demo cause i gt full version for free just put in realpolitiks apk and look for the correct one it should be the first one or second but it worked for me

  2. 10:55 lol.. have nothing.. still defended Narva border in ww II with 10,000 joint SS force for 8months against russians artillery and superior tech.. killed 100 000 russians… i bet you never learned that in school and i'll guarantee you no Russian will admit that the event even took place… 😀 .. search for Battle of Blue Hills if interested.

  3. It's fucking FYROM, not Macedonia and the guys living there have nothing to do with ancient Macedonians or ancient Greeks (hint: they're Slavs who arriving a thousand years later). Macedonia is mainly a territory in northern/northwestern Greece.

  4. 'lets ignore unemployment for now.' you have the US already down, should have played them.

    i realize this is a new game, but simply from this vid you really are clueless about how the world works arent you.

  5. Orbital Potato, you're right. I was completely surprised that Realpolitik was spelled exactly the right way according to the dictionary. So rare in games these days.


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