Real Airlines – Airport CEO (Part 15 – Drop-off Build)


I am ExactChaos and I play all kinds of tycoon games.

I am a city planner because I loved SimCity while growing up. I have enjoyed figuring out simulation and tycoon games since before I can remember. Even now in adulthood (if you can call me that) I still enjoy nothing more than spending a few cosy hours with a simulation game, you know those that require a bit of thinking. You will see stuff like Airport CEO, Cities Skylines, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, Banished, Project Hospital and anything else new and exciting in that genre on this channel. The focus, you guessed it, to figure things out and constantly improve.

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Airport CEO is a tycoon and management game where you take seat as the CEO of your own airport. The game is currently in development for PC and macOS, and available as Early Access on Steam.

If you are interested in buying Airport CEO, and supporting the channel at the same time you can do so using the ExactChaos affiliate link (I will get a small commission from any purchases using this link):

Alpha 35 is the latest update in the early access development of Airport CEO and it includes awesome new features like:
– Elevators and Walkalators
– Passport Control
– Automated check in, boarding and passport control
– Multi terminal support and management
– Vending Machines
– Airline Lounges

In this challenge series, I start recording the next episode as soon as this one reaches 1,000 views and 100 likes! So be sure to hit the like button!!

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  1. I run the access road in a bit before making brances off the road and find I don't have issues with traffic bunching up near the entrance. One of your taxi stands has the entrance not changed. (International Terminal, left side, 3rd from the top.) Great content as usual.

  2. Seems the one-way arrows are needed when you flip directions of the bus (and car/taxi?) drop-offs. On regular, single-wide roads without any drop-offs, you only need them at corners and branches.

  3. I like the new dropoff, it is definitely better than the old one. The devs said that the road entrance will be improved in Beta, so I guess you'll have to be a bit patient.

  4. Hey mate, good video. I've personally found that the two lane one-way roads don't really work, they just pick one lane and don't go into the correct lane to turn as they would in real life or in cities skylines, simcity etc. Might want to think about just turning them into 1 lane one-way roads. I know it sounds like a pain to redo it but it'll be worth it in the long run. Any questions about it let me know 🙂


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