Ratatouille All Deaths | Fail Cutscenes | Game Over (PS2, GCN, Wii, PC, XBOX)


In this edited video, I recorded every single way to die in Ratatouille game, played, recorded and edited together by myself with HDPVR2, from my own walkthrough of the game
Ratatouille game fails all deaths, game over, death scenes

Ratatouille All Deaths | Fail Cutscenes | Game Over (PS2, GCN, Wii, PC, XBOX)


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  1. 0:00 – plays when you get a fall damage death
    0:06 – Plays when you get a normal death
    0:12 – plays when you die from a enemy that can detect and react to you
    0:17 – plays when you get a death while in water
    0:23 plays when a human enemy kills you or if you die in a Boss/chase level
    0:31 not sure I think it plays when you fall in a bottomless pit

  2. These pictures really really really really really really really really scare the shit out of me just gonna say

  3. The drowning one was traumatizing when i was 5. The aged cgi animation with the black background but slight lighting at the top was just so uncanny.

  4. This is very different form the Xbox 360 and ps3 Version where instead he says I’ll get it next time or oh well

  5. Ya know this games game over screens aren’t really that dark expect for the drowning one its like “you messed up and so did remy, wanna try again?” While WALL-E’s Game over screens are like “WALL-E IS NOW DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU! I HOPE YOUR HAPPY”

  6. I feel like the Devs made these scary on purpose to make us not want to lose, but us being little kids meant we would get nightmares failing games 😂😂

  7. Oh, I think I had this game as a kid

    Played it exactly once because I couldn't pass the first level and at that point I was old enough to rage quit it seems

  8. These scared the living HELL out of me as a kid, i always plugged my ears and shut my eyes every time they played. And the chicken near the beginning of the game always scared me, i always asked my sister to take over for that part.


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