Raging Thunder 2 Android Gameplay #2



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Raging Thunder 2 will take you through
abandoned temples, tropical beaches, snow-
covered mountains,
the Great Wall and a range of other
breathtaking vistas the world over!
Key features:
– Console quality 3D graphics
– Cross-platform multiplayer racing
– Fast paced, intense gameplay

Nguồn: https://partnersinsublime.com/

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  1. good news:you can get this game in play store
    but the thing here is the game isn't the same dev….But it bring back by Gear Apps Pvt. Ltd.

  2. this is my favorite childhood game along as Fast Racing 3D then my grandpas tablet was broken so i cant play it i was always trying to remember and for 7 years i realized to search Racing on google play store then was swiping down and searching for a while hoping i could find the game better than Real Racing 3 and Asphalt Csr etc.
    cuz i got every single car maxed out and track and i was a god at it i couldnt stop playing it but was sad when i couldnt find it i missed this game so much that when i found it right now i became really happy:))))

  3. Storm FX – Lister Storm
    Tango R – Ford Mustang GT
    Wasper – Dodge Viper
    Ironclaw – Ferrari Testarossa
    Snakebite – Ford GT40
    Sakura – Toyota Supra

  4. My childhood was all of this. My favorites were Sakura the pink one and I think the name is wasp the green one

    Edit: the green one was ironclaw my bad

  5. my childhood game, the memories… Im sad they removed it from the play store. but hey theres apk's lying around everywhere lol

  6. Why this game remove in playstore so sad😢😢😢
    Anybody can you please help me where do i find this game again
    How do i install it again😢

  7. Wow the nostalgia is strong with this one.. i loved this game! Remember how this used to be a 'graphically intensive' game and required flagship phones for the best experience lol. Seems like it has been discontinued which is sad..


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