PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT | Spine, Arm and Stomach Surgery


You seem to have a whole lot of bones in the wrong place. LET ME FIX THAT!!

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  1. I was joking when I thought “just move the spine forehead” didn’t expect them to actually just move it.

  2. In 7th grade I broke both of my bones in my right arm. It looked like someone took a brick and smashed the middle of my arm from the outside. It was literally an extra 3 elbows on my arm. Now I have two sets of plates and screws in my arm that will never come out😶
    Edit: is anyone else watching these vids over again like me?

  3. Omg the arm one reminds me of when I dislocated my left elbow
    Thankfully I wasn’t wear a long sleeved shirt I was wearing a gymnastics outfit I had dislocated when I fell of the balance been at my studio trust me it hurts it also looks weird
    Some people think if u dislocate something that u can move it around easily but that isn’t true cause if u dislocate your arm or elbow like I dis it’s stuck and can’t move but Jesus Christ it hurts

  4. When my brother was 7 or 8 he went to my mom and said, "I think I swallowed a nail" and she asked him what does he mean and he said, "it jumped into my mouth, I thought it was food, so I swallowed it" lol.

  5. 7:43
    Jack: Coz there’s only one Person who can get septic around here!
    Me : ew 😂

    I’m realllly late 😂
    Edit: when he said the bone fragments looked like lil stones for some reason I thought of the sweets maoam rocks 😅

  6. wanna hear how i broke my arm in 2017 i fell off the monkey bars and my arm went more back then starit now i can turn it in a full 360

  7. I’ve had a spinal fusion I mean what I had was bad but nothing compared to how bad it would have. I’ve had people think it was some sort of disease which is weird but some aren’t too keen on learning what it actually is. Btw jack big fan and love your content, keep up the good work

  8. All I was thinking during this video is this thing I saw where it was
    “ Surgery is like stabbing someone back to life “

  9. Jack there's 2 reasons why you thought someone was behind you: you were starting to forget that you were making a video with us (the people watching) or….@ΠTî$€¶ī¡© WAS BEHIND ¥0μ!!!¡!!¡¡‽‽!!!¡¡¡!!!‽‽ (Antiseptic was behind you!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  10. Did this randomly show up in anyone’s else’s recommended? I watched this video when he first uploaded it why is it recommending it for me all of a sudden 5 years later 🤣🤣


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