PSX Longplay [382] Hydro Thunder


Played by: Mad-Matt

This video is downloadable in two formats. Native resolution which is in an over scanned wide format, and a forced 4:3 video which looks more normal (even though it is more ugly due to scaling errors)

Hyrdro Thunder for the Ps1 is a conversion of the arcade/dreamcast game of the same name. However, the ps1 version is significantly worse than the other versions. The sampled arcade audio is overly loud and low quality and the gfx a so low res, it can be difficult to see where you are meant to go on some tracks.

I just play through circuit mode which goes through all tracks with one of the 3 starting craft. Amazingly this does not unlock anything in the game :O . Going to arcade mode, all tracks still need to be unlocked one by one and a different craft can be selected for each track. In hindsight, this would have been a better mode to record, but after showing all tracks, I have no will to go through it all again. The game can be brutally difficult and very difficult to get 1st place unless you know all the secret paths to take advantage of. Sometimes you see the lead racer using those shortcuts.


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  1. Wste juego siempre me fascino pero nuca fui capas de saltar ni pasar a la tercera ronda mucho menos llegar la ultima

  2. I sucked so bad at this game but it was SOOO fun to play! The best part was wrecking the other boats and getting high ass jumps!! I did laugh during this vid when you finished in first so hard the first time your boat wigged out, what a power move 😂

  3. what version is better to play this version or the midway arcade treasures version on ps2 I have that version but I heard this handles better despite the poor graphics.

  4. Had this game on the PC when I was a kid. I never knew how to do the jump, probably why I never got to play the bonus tracks or boats. Played the game again recently and beat it. It still holds up. Great arcade difficulty.

  5. Wanna talk about a game that still fuckin holdsup thru the decades. Definitely hydro thunder!!! What a game. This and the burnout games were the best arcade racing games ever

  6. This is really impressive considering its running on PS but the controls feel more like Wipeout and not so much like you're actually in water. I thought Turbo Prop Racing did a better job of recreating the feel of water, even though that game was super glitchy.

  7. The sweet moments in the arcade saloon and im the only one playing hidro thunder

    Man nostalgia really hits me


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