PONG Game, Java (fx) Programming Tutorial


We are programming a PONG game in JavaFX. The whole game needs just 100 lines of code.
Eclipse is used as IDEA. If you like what you see, please leave me a like. 🙂

You can download the code here:

How to install JavaFX and Dark Theme for eclipse:

Great book to learn Java “Effective Java by Joshua Bloch”:

Thank´s for watching! 🙂

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Thanks to william for the code inspiration
#JavaFX #pong #GameDevelopment

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  1. Hello, I am a begginer and I have a doubt about the code. In 4:18 minutes you write the following code e -> run(gc). As a begginer I never saw this way to write code before. Can you explain to me how that works or at least show me some place where its explained? Thank you.

  2. My friend, you can show in the next video how to write a simple notepad (text editor) in Java FX with the ability to save. (thank)

  3. Sooo i also did your pong game: Great! You even explained a little bit more than with the snake game, i like that. Its cool to find such mini game tutorials, i personally would like them even better if i also could learn more. So you clearly know what you are doing, i dont 😀 I just follow you know? I know you do it for free and everything, just saying adding in a little extra value would boost. This is awesome for beginners, keep on doing, will return 🙂


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