Animal Control Expert Arrives To Backyard Waterpark Playground to Find The Hiding Mystery Pond Monster Creature!


In Stephen Sharer last vlog “24 Hour Overnight Challenge on Backyard Inflatable Water Trampoline!! (Pond Monster Found Hiding)” you saw that the challenge had to be CANCELED because the pond monster spotted in backyard appeared, so nobody got to win the money prize of $10,000 cash! In today’s video, Stephen whips out his iPhone X to place a  call to animal control officer to help assist in finding the most very pond monster hide and seek spot. When the animal control person arrives, Stephen Sharer and sister Grace Sharer join the officer export to help explore and search for the mystery pond monster lurking in the backyard. The Sharer Fam house is still a mess from Worlds BIGGEST Inflatable Backyard Slip N Slide!! (Sharer Family Ultimate Surprise Party Reveal) so there’s no telling where the monster could be hiding this time. There have been many recent sightings of the pond monster, so with the help of the animal control officer, Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer hope to capture the pond monster once and for all with homemade diy trap. Will this creature escape again and continue it is an epic game game of hide and seek in the Sharer Fam backyard waterpark playground for the #pondmonster but will they get it out?!

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  1. You know the thing what slide down the slide was the pond monster becuase it look like the pond monster in the other vibeo

  2. Upon monster went down the slide and that was swimming away to somewhere else so you guys should jump in and go search for it

  3. It is. Scairre. I. Love. Your. 🤩👽👻💀☠️👯‍♂️💑👫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛

  4. Pond is the Pokémon girl is the sharpie I see nice see the champagne if not you have to call an idea to come here to save the palm on wire will

  5. I think it’s an alligator and I think it’s a alligator or a crocodile because I actually saw one of your videos but you actually posted it already but OK it’s a alligator or like a crocodiles. Ok


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