PlayStation 2 Vs Gamecube Vs Xbox


Playstation 2 vs Gamecube vs Xbox

Which was the best console of the 6th generation: the Playstation 2, the Xbox or the Gamecube? Watchmojo brings back the sixth gen console war to find out if Sony’s PS2 is better than Nintendo’s purple lunchbox, or Microsoft’s giant first entry the Xbox. Which had the most amazing graphics, exclusive titles and games, technology, controller, online support, multiplayer, coop modes, most fun and lasting appeal? Will titles like Metal Gear Solid, Mario Kart Double Dash, Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo: CE), Resident Evil 4, Rogue Squadron 2, Metroid Prime, God of War or Devil May Cry be the deciding factor? Or will it come down to the Game Cube Controller, the Dual Shock 2 and the original Xbox controller “The duke”?

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Special Thanks to our users “DaveVsTheWorld” “FlorinP” “mac121mr0” “Derek Howell” “Dennis Edgar” “michelletouriz22” “PsyduckFan1” & So many other users for suggesting this topic on our interactive suggestion tool at


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  1. The Dreamcast is the best out of all these consoles. Although I do like the Xbox and GameCube too. But the DVD player known as the PS2 is dead last, and in all honesty, it's pretty damn mediocre in retrospect.

  2. I was xbox back then that always admired the ps2, but today i feel the gamecube was the real gem of that era. Especially with that gameboy player.

  3. I collect my consoles. I still have the Original XBOX and the Game Cube. The XBOX was super fun, had the power, first with a hard drive and pretty much single handily changed gaming to what it is now with online and the massively successful Halo. The Game Cube had power as well and I loved playing Metroid Prime. The PS2’s graphics used to look horrible to me so I didn’t want it as it was very underpowered plus Sony doesn’t really have any games that I like. XBOX did a great job for that being their first console they then completely knocked it out of the park with what is probably the best console ever The XBOX 360. The XBOX ONE took a minute to get it’s footing but they got back on track with The XBOX ONE X. Now Microsoft looks like they are coming in all guns blazing with the XBOX Series X, with the most power again, 15+ game studios, top tier exclusives, Gamepass and Xcloud. I’m excited for this new generation. I’m sure I’ll get a XBOX Series X day one, If Nintendo makes a switch 2 I maybe might give it a look but I’ll need all the Metroid Prime games in at least 1080p 60 FPS.

  4. This is bull. The Xbox suuuuuuuuuuuucks. You get Halo, and that's it. The whole library had no kid friendly games with many of them being extremely generic. GameCube and PS2 had a goldmine of exclusives, and if you think the Xbox is even remotely better than GameCube or PS2, you're wrong.

  5. PS2 was my first ever console that was entirely my own, and it made my Childhood. I can't find any problem with it, it was too good.

  6. I had the gamecube. Ihad tony hawk underground 2, james bond night fire, dave mirra bmx 2, I had about 20 games for the gamecube.

  7. Microsoft tried something new for controls, yeah it didnt work as they thought but they shouldn't be always attacked for it, the Wii, Wii U, and Switch have dookie controls compared to PS4 and Xbox one

    – Higher Power
    – Stylish Controller + Triggers and Ergonomic D-Pad
    – More FPS Shooters
    – XBOX Live & Ethernet
    – Internal Hard Drive
    – Panzer Dragon
    – Better DVD-Rom than PS2 In next Revision
    – 720p & HD Support


  9. The Xbox in this comparision is underrated, the Exlusives that the Xbox had weren't only Halo, Dead or Alive and Ninja Giaden, there were also so much other games that the other consoles weren't able to run because of the power, like The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Fable, etc…
    Then in the Controllers comparision, the Xbox S controller is comfortable. So the Xbox wins fuck


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