Unboxing the legendary Nintendo Gamecube console. Platinum color limited edition Metroid Prime bundle. Super Smash Bros Melee, Resident Evil, Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime gameplay.
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33 thoughts on “NINTENDO GAMECUBE UNBOXING! Limited Edition Platinum Console + Super Smash Bros Melee Gameplay

  1. The gloves and the deliberate subtlety of his movements aren't "relaxing" to me, they feel creepy for some reason. The focus on all of sounds is so unnerving
    Still, great video!

  2. Man, the Nintendo GameCube was even better than Nintendo 64, too sad I had to move to PlayStation after the Wii trash

  3. I remember this was in the McDonald’s play place oh my god this brings back so many memories especially the beginning of Metroid

  4. One of Nintendo's "least" popular consoles?
    I think you meant "most" popular cause that console was awesome 👌
    Everyone knows the Gamecube!

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