Never Be Game Over: The Importance Of Hideo Kojima


I got inspired to try a different kind of video, something from the heart about someone I’ve long admired. I hope you enjoy.

Super Bunnyhop’s Konami videos:


Psycho Mantis 1 – Boss Fight Database

Psycho Mantis 2 – Carachmegil

Kojima Queue – randomhajile2

E3 2000 Metal Gear Solid 2 Reaction – OldSnakePatriotMGS

MGS2 Footage – Sauron

MGS3 Footage – Tactical Dinner Roll

MGS3 Kojima interview:

MGS4 Footage – Tactical Dinner Roll

MGS4 Kojima interview:

Project Ogre article:

MGS V: Did Kojima try to warn us? – timesplitter88

Kids & Video Games in the 1990s – Grooveraider

Metal Gear: Turn off the MSX! – The Gamer Liquid

Passing time in MGSV – ArisenCulture

MGSV Reaction – farfromsubtle

PT Article – IGN

World first Silent Hill / P.T. Reveal – Soapy Warpig

Junji Ito article – The Verge

MGSV Cut Content Article – vg247

PT Pulled Article – Polygon

Kojima fired article – Polygon

Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak – The Express

Fallout 76 Broken article – Polygon

Battlefield V datamine article – Comicbook

PS1 Demo Disc footage – tunainoil


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  1. Great video. I'd love to see nore of these "video essays" in the future. Also I still need to play an MGS game at some point

  2. Kinda surprised you didn't go into further detail on MGS2, and how that game's final act is still considered to be Kojima's most polarizing and controversial work ever

  3. Wow didnt expect this I dont think karn has ever put so much love into a vid before (aside from probably the mage b day vid). You deserve a reward Karn. Loved it


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