MODERN DAY GRAND STRATEGY GAME?! | Realpolitiks Gameplay: Russia [Let’s Play Realpolitiks] Part 1


Let’s Play Realpolitiks as Russia in 2020! Realpolitiks is a game where you can become the ruler of any contemporary country in a real-time grand strategy. Use diplomacy, espionage, military and economic power to deal with other nations, while tackling issues such as terrorism, financial crises and medical epidemics, all in an effort to achieve global domination!

Realpolitiks is a streamlined real-time grand strategy game that allows you to become the ruler of any contemporary nation. Dive deep into the issues of the modern world, with its current geopolitical borders, using your country’s power and economic strength to engage in military conflicts and international affairs. Choose your own method of coping with other nations’ interests, unexpected events, global threats and various crises. Deal with the disintegration of the European Union, the expansion of Islamic State, the aftermath of World War III and many other real and fictional scenarios.

Based on three main political systems (democracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism), Realpolitiks allows you to extend the influence of your country through various means, all in order to win the race for global domination. Use your diplomatic skills, economic advantages, military power and the full freedom of moral and ethical decision-making to become a world superpower and ensure the well-being of your citizens.

Grow and develop your nation to the highest possible levels of economic power, technological competitiveness and military supremacy in globally-ranked charts. The choice is yours as to whether you become a valued member of the United Nations, or a nuclear tyrant, bullying all those around you. Expand your territory any way you like with the whole-world sandbox gameplay of Realpolitiks, even creating colonies out at sea. And if that’s not enough, try spreading the seed of our civilization to outer space…

Lead any country in the world to global domination in various game scenarios.

Shape your country’s political system and course determine its relations with other nations.

Deal with internal and external affairs and face threats from natural disasters, terrorism, financial crises and more.

Make use of common political instruments in your international relations, including spy tactics and espionage to directly influence other nations’ internal affairs.

Take the moral and ethical high road in your dealings with others, or not…

High replay value ensured by a broad decision tree in all matters, as well as diverse mini-scenarios and random events.

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What if Germany Won WW1 in Hearts of Iron 4:

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  1. I realy liked how they used democratic/authoritarian/totalitarian instead of capitalist/socialist/comunist. The first one is the real political spectre nowadays, after (w)all

  2. Can you ethnically cleanse areas and force religious conversions like in EU4? Otherwise what's the point…

  3. Paradox rules! I will buy dlc until I'm forced to lives on the streets! ThenI will charge my laptop in McDonald's and play ck2 all day feeding myself by scavenging in the bins.

  4. Its nice but populations seem unrealistic and too low for Russia like 15,000? Lol Unless if its in a town or region. Also where is the GDP value in total?

  5. Didn't watch the entire video yet but I am looking for a modern-day grand strategy game SIMILAR to Superpower 2, and Crusader Kings 2 (I love you Paradox) and maybe even like Rome 2 Total War, so would you recommend this game ?
    Where basically you can be an economic superpower or choose to occupy Somalia and win WW3 or just choose to destroy the Asian people because they make electronics more and better than you

  6. Woah, during parts of the video the green screen reflected in your eye and it went all wonky :O

    Love your gameplays!

  7. The people that made that game clearly have no clue what totalitarian means. It means absolute control by the state of all aspects of life and complete intolerance of any independent forces inside the country. Say what you want about Putin, but his Russia clearly is not totalitarian. You can actually go to the toilet without asking for his permission. Russia is just authoritarian.

    And India authoritarian ? Seriously ?

  8. putin wants to restore the russian empire. He leans much more white than red and talks very highly of the Russian empire.


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